Please help: How to render CD tracks as separate files?

I’ve been a WL Pro user for probably 15 years and am embarrassed to be unable to perform what should be the simplest of tasks. I have a montage on which CD tracks are defined. The CD tracks are separated by a couple seconds of blank space and they’re marked using CD markers.

Strangely, it seems impossible to render each track as a separate file. I don’t want the whole CD as one giant file, but rather one file per CD track. I’m going mad looking through all the options, defining regions and groups, and yes, RTFM, to no avail. Was something changed in WL 10?

Ideally, I’d like to output multiple formats at once, so a project consisting of, say, 10 tracks might output 30 files in one go.

But first things first: Isn’t there a “Render CD tracks to separate files” function? Many thanks in advance for any help.

with your montage open, hit the RENDER button on bottom right, and from the PART dropdown menus choose:

All Regions, in the top dropdown


CD Tracks in the dropdown below it

that will export each CD track as a separate WAV (or whatever format you want) file. and named as per your “scheme” preferences, if you have any set…

I’m pretty short on time today and for the next week but this video covers it and more:

For example, if you care about metadata, alternate formats, etc.

I did this, but for some odd reason all tracks except the last one were rendered. The last one also has proper start and end markers—I used the CD wizard to create the CD tracks. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong?

If the last track has correct markers, then the only thing I can think of is the ‘name’ of the last track … just re-check that it does not have ‘forbidden’ characters for your OS (eg a space before the first letter, /, # etc).

A screen shot of the markers tab, and a screen shot of the render settings/options would help solve it.

These tips proved very helpful and the render worked this time. Thanks very much to everyone for your kind suggestions.