Please help: I can’t figure out how to record v drums

Hey all, I have steinberg ur 242 and Roland v drum kit and using Cuba’s AI 9.5 but I cannot figure out how to create drum map using my kit. I’m not sure if I am explaining correctly. I want to record my v drums by playing my kit but recording the sounds from the Cubase software so that when I hit the hi hat on my kit, a hi hat sound appears in the program etc. I’m not sure if I can do that or if I need to download a plug-in. When I recorded direct using the sounds from the brain, it was way too loud and latency was off. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Connect the MIDI out of your v-Drums brain, to the UR 242 MIDI in. Make appropriate routings and settings. Then in Cubase load the desired Drum VST (for example Groove agent one) instrument and make sure, the mapping of the V-Drums MIDI notes matches that of the loaded VSTi

Hi, I can fully understand the OP’s frustration.

I tried using Midi connection and USB connection (to determine if i had a cabling issue) but same results and Cubase see’s my midi connection just fine it’s that GA4SE just doesn’t play ball with my Roland TD-30 - if i hit the edge of the high hats it plays a bass drum kick + crash :slight_smile: … and when i play crash 1 its mapped to a splash in GA… and if i happen to attempt to play a run of any sort GA doesn’t seem to be able to keep up.

I installed the ezdrummer 2 demo just as a test to ensure it wasn’t something i was doing and it worked seamlessly after selecting ‘roland’ as my drum kit i.e. every hit mapped perfectly in EZD2, but do i want to spend the money buying that VST instrument ?? I don’t understand why Steinberg don’t have the same default mapping available for these standard and very popular kits…

There has been loads of chat about this very issue for years but still no answers other than having to remap

had a deeper dive on this and compared what midi notes were being sent by both GA and EZdrummer when hitting the TD30 triggers. i.e. crash 1 rim in GA was sending midi note G2 (splash) but in EZD sends the correct C#2 and the HH rim in GA seems to send i think a d1 + where as the EZD is playing a G#-1 although i noticed this fluctuates between F#-1 so maybe the VH11 (HH pad trigger) isn’t very accurate.

So i still think i’m looking at a TD30 map for GA but its disappointing that Cubase or indeed Roland don’t provide this especially for such major manufacturers :frowning: -its probably cheaper for me to go guy EZDrummer as even my 2 - 3hr comparison during this investigation the sounds are far superior in EZD… sorry Steinberg…

I’ve probably posted this against the wrong thread as i’ve been reading a few on this topic…

Hello, did you resolve your question?