PLEASE HELP! iPad Air + iRig 2 + Cubasis

Hi Cubasis Experts!

I need your help :slight_smile:

I have a friend who is running a Motif 6 into an iRig 2 then into an iPad Air (iOS 9.2, Cubasis 1.9.7). The setup/and midi interface is working fine with one exception: the wrong patches are being played back on the Motif 6.

For example, when a midi file plays right on the iPad Air the correct sound is being transmitted from the Motif 6 to the iPad Air.

However, when sending signals from Cubasis with the same midi files back to the Motif 6 the wrong patches are played (e.g. swaps guitar for drums, piano for flute, saxophone for bass, etc.).

Would anyone be able to tell me how we could go about fixing this? I’d really appreciate any insight/guidance!


  1. When you say “when a midi file plays right on the iPad Air the correct sound is being transmitted from the Motif 6 to the iPad Air”, what is playing the midi file on the iPad air and what data is being ‘transmitted’ back to the iPad ?
    This should only be one way traffic, i.e, The midi file transmits note data and controllers etc to the Motif. You select the patches per channel what-have-you on the motif manually, the Motif makes the noise you want.
    It’s possible that the midi file has no patch information and is using (presuming) the midi standard sound setup to be present (bear in mind, that without any further information I’m making some presumptions here).

  2. Cubasis is a different beast. If you load a midi file into that you will gain greater control over what data is transmitted and how (bearing in mind I don’t know what you were using before Cubasis to play the file), also, if no patch numbers are present Cubasis might insert a null or zero value, or may just send rubbish if it doesn’t have anything to work with. Hence the Motif playing random or wrong patches.

More information needed.
Where did the midi file come from, what do you know about it ?
Does it have patch information ?
Have you already created multitimbral setups on the Motif, ready for this midi file or are you presuming the midi file will provide the correct patches ?
What app where you playing the midi file on before you used Cubasis ?

Hi, Threlly,

Thanks for your quick response. I am the friend mentioend above with the Cubasis/ Motif 6 issues.
Here is what i can tell you.

  1. I can hear sounds generated both through the Ipad and as output from the Motif 6 becasue I have "output all channels " set in Cubasis on the Ipad Air. If I just set output to IRIG2 , that gets rid of the dual oputput, but i did it to see if the patches generated would be the same. They are not. On the Ipad, they are correct. On the Motif, they’ re all screwed up.
  2. I was using Sonor version 1 ( no kidding) before on a small Windows netbook and it worked fine.Yes, i did have to edit the midi channels many times as the patches were set to 0 or no bank. However, I have not figured out in Cubasis how to edit the patches. Can you help? I am also not sure how to edit the patches in the Motif 6 diectly, but i am feeling that is not the way to do it.
    To me , it is also interesting that Cubasis plays the files correctly thru the IPad output, but not through the Motif 6. I thought everything was set to GS.