Please help me convert .flac to .wav

What is the easiest and least expensive way to
convert .flac to .wav so I can drag from the audio
track and drop it into PadShop Pro?

I’‘m not on C 6, so I can’ try, but:
-The Cubase own “convert file” function …?
-set project to wav recording format and “bounce selection”…?
-export and import…?


That was easy. Why didn’t I think of that!

Now what is the easiest way to know if a sample
on an audio track is flac or wav?

Open the Audio Pool and see what it says.

Odd that the file type is not noted on the top bar displaying the sample information. :cry:

When selecting a file in the Pool it is not highlighted in the track and visa versa so one is obliged to read the name of the audio part in the track and in the Pool. :confused: Correct?

My project setup Wave file is selcted. When I imported the flac file or was it dropped in to the audio track it was not converted to wav. :frowning: Is this the proper?

Yes, I think that’s correct, but another way may be to switch on the ‘info line’ in the project window. I’m not sure, but I think it tells you directly what file type the selected audio part is.

This is a preference, and I guess you once clicked away the dialog box asking to convert to project settings and then checked ‘don’t ask again’ or something like that.