Please help me fix a broken ASIO driver

Background: I had trouble installing the Yamaha ASIO driver at first but then got it working. I have been using Cubase Elements 11 the past week without issue.

Then today I was watching some tutorial that said to change the sampling rate to 96khz and bit depth to 24 bits in Project setup. As soon as I did that, Cubase went nuts and gave a lot of errors about the ASIO driver not being installed.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the ASIO driver, rebooting a few times, and now Cubase doesn’t recognize that the Yamaha driver is installed. How do I get Cubase to recognize it?

Looking at Studio Setup, it only shows Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver, not Yamaha.

What interface are you using?
Does it support 96khz operation (a large proportion don’t)?
Why did the tutorial say you needed this sampling depth?

I’ve had a UR22 for many years; I just upgraded the Cubase version recently and installed everything on a new laptop. I got the latest Yamaha driver.

I don’t know if it supports 96khz. This tutorial (Udemy, not Steinberg) said it was to get better sound quality.

Anyway I’m fine with the default. But now the Yama driver is installed but Cubase doesn’t recognize it in Studio Setup. Do I need to reinstall Cubase?

Seriously you don’t need high sample rates. The most I record at is 48k/24bit. That is the standard for film. Running at the higher rates can choke your computer. For ADAT cable it takes twice the channels to carry the sample rates.

Yeah I got that, that’s not the question. The question is how do I get Cubase to recognize the Yamaha ASIO driver.

I had a similar issue a few years ago and it turned out the driver had not been fully removed and so wasn’t re-installing correctly.
How do you know the ASIO driver is correctly installed? Can you use it in another program?

If you did it recently try a system restore back to when it worked.

Otherwise try an uninstall from the device manager and remove the drivers fully.

My interface is as old as yours (mines an NI one) and I installed the 32bit windows drivers by mistake and it didn’t work right.

btw your interface is 24bit, 192khz, I always record at 48k.

This should be the drivers

Yes, I have other plugins like Modobass and Addictive Keys. They both use the Yamaha driver (although my keyboard is plugged in via USB, not UR22). I can launch them as standalone and I get sound.

Nevermind, I got it. I kept looking here and it would say “Generic Low Latency Driver” under Audio System. I was expecting to see Yamaha also listed there but then I realized I had to click on “Generic…”, go to the right, click the ASIO Driver drop down and select Yamaha.

Thank you.

That’s weird, not seen that before like that but glad you got it sorted, that’s the main thing. Thanks for letting us know how you solved it, too (might help someone else in the future).