Please, help me with License activation

Hello. I ve bouh Cubase11 as upgrade for Cubase 7.5. I enter activation code, which I ve got by email but I see notification - No license choice for updating. What do I do not incorrect? Help please.

hi yakov2016

is there a cubase 7.5 licence on your elicencer ?

Hello, how can I check it?

One more thing - activation code of 7.5 is same as for 10.

you don’t say which verson of cubase (pro/elements/artist?) or if you have a hardware ‘dongle’

open the elicencer software (eLCC) and it lists all the licences on your PC

I believe so :+1:

I wanted to insert pic here but I don`n see such functionality. Maybe skype or emal?

img1.png | - link to snapshot of elicenser

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Hello. Printscreen is in attache.

Best wishes

are you sure that what you have is an activation code ? not a DOWNLOAD code ?

the download code is used in the steinberg download assistant - and it generates an activation code.


I m confused because I dony know what to do. Please help me – what I need to do?

  1. Must I have 7.5. on my computer to update for 11.0, pr no?
  2. I attaches 2 prnstscreen
  3. Whay code and where to enter?

it looks like you have bought an update from cubase pro 10.5 not cubase 7.5

(I edited the other image from your post as you could just about read the code!)

  1. Possible yo know How to request tecnhilcal help from Steinberg?
  2. Price from 7.5 to 11 = eqal price drom 10 to 11.

hi - you bought it from 10.5 …not …10

you will need to open a support ticket in MySteinberg

Now I ve registered Cubase 7.5 and i ve registered it. I am going to install cubase 11 to the folder where now is 7.5.
Is it right?

Where in link to ticket in Mу Steinberg?

just install in the default location

no need to have 7.5 installed at all - you just need the licence on your dongle

Hello. I ve bought license of Cubase (upgrade from 7.5) but elicenser cannot find the license.
Maybe I ve ordered not correct license (from 110.5 to 11()? How to check it? If it`s so then could I add some summ and get the Cubase 11?

Do you have a MySteinberg account? Did you get the license in your email?

You have to add it to your eLicenser manually