Please help! No Sound

I’m running a demo copy of Cubase 9.5 elements(I’m going to use a key when my demo expires) and I get no audio, I’m using ASIO4ALL v2 with my corsair void headset but and I’ve set it up in ASIO4ALL but I’m still not getting audio, in the audio connections tab my headset stereo speakers are in but it just wont give me audio. please help

Hi and welcome,

Could you please describe your project? DO you use Audio or Instrument tracks? What about routing? A screenshot of the Project window might help.

yeah I’ve just been testing on a premade track and I tested my audio with another audio device of my, on the other audio device it worked fine, but on my corsair void pro I cant hear any sound.


I don’t know this device. Does it behave as an Audio Device?

Yeah it does it’s a pair of headphones.