Please help: Question about MIDI-keyboard.

Hi there.

Is it possible to use a Yamaha DGX-630 in Cubase 7 for MIDI recording? (the keyboard has a MIDI function so I don’t understand why this shouldn’t be possible?)
In that case, how do I set it up when it isn’t on the list in the “Add MIDI device” section?

Please help as soon as possible!

You connect the MIDI out of the keyboard to the MIDI in of your MIDI interface.

Hi, and welcome,

Your Yamaha DGX has USB connector. So you can use this. Connect the USB (named To host) to your computer. I suppose, this device doesn’t need any driver. If it needs, download it, and instal.

Now, you should see the Yamaha device in the Cubase, and you should be able to use it.

You don’t need any MIDI interface, in this case.

Thanks for quick replies both of you!

I have done exactly as you wrote, but I think the problem is that I don’t know where the keyboard will “show up”. Is it under “Devices” -> “MIDI device manager”? It doesn’t show up there… Nor in the “MIDI Port setup” under “Device setup”…

According to “Musicsoft Downloader” the connection between the keyboard and the computer works properly. What do I do wrong?

It´s quite certainly not the Keyboard that will show up, but the MIDI port in Devices- > Device setup -> MIDI ports

Hi there, if you are new to cubase it can seem confusing but I’ve added a picture to try and help, for a start make sure that you installed the keyboard driver successfully and turned it on BEFORE you started cubase or it will ignore it (I think it is different on mac’s which apparently pick it up - but as a PC user I wouldn’t know).

  1. Now create an Instrument track (for simple testing)

Cubase Menus --> Project --> Add Track --> Instrument (just select Halion Sonic SE for testing)

  1. Now after making sure the instrument track is selected, hover over to the dialogue area in the picture, click on it and your keyboard should be in there (if all is well)

…let us know if you’re still stuck!

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First of all, should it be visible in the Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Port Setup – Yellow part – Inputs.

Jippi! :smiley:

It worked! Thanks everybody for your help - what a great forum. And it really helped with the picture Kat - I hadn’t noticed that little box before. Thanks again! :smiley:

No worries mate, Its the best forum I’ve ever come across too (with a nod to the awesomeness of GearSlutz) :slight_smile: - lots of passionate music fiends - the way it should be! :sunglasses: