Please help Re-Conforming (Inserting Audio through IN and OUT points)

I have the problem of Re-Conforming a film project.

The situation:

  • The Audio was imported from an AAF file from Davinci Resolve
  • Resolve adds prefixes and postfixes to the source filenames
  • I have all the audio source material in a separate folder
  • The editor has made a bunch of changes to the project after I was done with the dialogue editing
  • (The editor does NOT know what he is doing. It’s a students project)
  • I have used the Re-Conform dialog and Nuendo has brought me maybe 70% on my way
  • There are audio files missing where the editor inserted new takes

This is one of my first film sound projects and it has already gotten way more complicated than it should have been. I would really appreciate help to get this done… The main problem right now is to insert the missing audio files at the right position with correct IN and OUT points. There are many Non-Dialogue pictures that aren’t synced that quickly.

The EDL File looks like this:

067  AX       V     C        00:42:13:17 00:42:27:17 01:04:13:13 01:04:27:13  

068  AX       A     C        00:42:13:17 00:42:27:17 01:04:13:13 01:04:27:13  

069  AX       A8    C        00:00:00:00 00:00:02:22 01:04:24:15 01:04:27:13  
M2   AX             021.6                00:00:00:00
* FROM CLIP NAME: RoundMidnight.mp3

070  AX       V     C        10:04:20:11 10:04:25:04 01:04:27:13 01:04:32:06  
M2   AX             019.9                10:04:20:11

071  AX       A     C        10:04:20:11 10:04:25:04 01:04:27:13 01:04:32:06  
M2   AX             019.9                10:04:20:11

The Names of the Re-Conform Markers in Nuendo aren’t very helpful. (Probably because of Davinci’s EDL)

My first question would be if there is a way to insert an audio clip through IN and OUT points of the source material. Like in a video NLE.
Then I could skip through the INSERT markers, look up the missing audio file in the EDL and insert it. The problem right now is that when I insert the audio clips, I find no way in Nuendo to cut it according to it’s own source timecode.

I really hope I gave enough information and made the problem clearly visible.


I’m a bit confused (also: poorly caffeinated, dumb and inexperienced)…

I’ve only done this once on an hour long show and it worked mostly fine. The editor sent me an EDL for the first cut I worked on and a new EDL for the revised cut. In addition to that I got a new AAF that contained new content.

So regardless of how the actual re-conform worked out on my end the new AAF contained the new audio in correct positions. I think he also output a brand new complete AAF with all old audio (that I had already edited and mixed) plus new audio, just in case.

So, did you get a new AAF to go along with it all? That’s what’s confusing me a bit.

Hello and thanks for the reply!

No I didn’t get a new AAF. The communication and workflow in this project is really cumbersome and I already tried to give as much info as needed here without confusing you. The reason I didn’t get a new AAF is that the editor is so green that I also had to do the export from Davinci Resolve at my place. That on its own was a whole nightmare because Davinci is completely buggy and incoherent with these export features.
Simply put: I had to tweak the project a lot for the export and it won’t just work if he tries to export a new AAF.

That said, you are right. It would make things a lot easier if I had a new one. I think I’ll let him send me the new Davinci Resolve project and try to export a new AAF from there.

I am still curious if there is a way to import audio at exact timecode positions with exact IN and OUT point referencing the source timecode.

So basically what you’re looking to do is to not get a new AAF, but instead pull in audio from an existing folder (for example) to where it’s missing on the timeline in the new edit and just have the new EDL do that placement for you?

Yes, that would be the best option. If the Re-Conform Window could do that I would be more than happy. I’m just starting to dig into these advanced options of Nuendo.

The Re-Conform Dialog, as mentioned, already re-arranged a whole bunch of things, which is very great. Maybe if I import the missing audio files, it’s possible to use Re-Conform again to have them placed correctly…

PS: I told the editor to send me a new Resolve project, so exporting a new AAF might also become an option but not right now.

It seems like Nuendo does not re-arrange Audio files that it finds in the project and also in the .edl file. It only re-arranges everything on selected tracks together with a video edit.

Here’s the thing. You have to understand what the processes are.
The only safe way to work with other inexperienced users Is after a film is fully locked.
When the edit changes you have to find and catch those changes.
Up until a short while ago we all would mostly only l use video edit to find that. However that only finds any changes in how the picture was cut. Finding differences on how the audio tracks changed was a manual process (yes sometimes the changes could get some automated help but that was very cumbersome and required expert knowledge and very consistent workflows).

Yes there is a new program called matchbox available that helps post users find changes using more methods than video EDLs.
However I don’t know of any Nuendo users testing its suitability in relation to Nuendo as it is a PT optimised program.
It’s a very deep and complex program that I think needs a deep understanding of processes and materials. For a student film at 639USD I would guess it’s outside of your budget.

So, there ARE ways to rebuild the soundtrack from that edl.
However you will need third party tools (Ediload for example) to do it OR spend quite some time to understand how to do it using the edl and reconform.

I can almost guarantee that the fastest way to do it For you even with a messy student project is to export a new AAF whatever it takes to get it done.

Note: I have been dealing with post production for tv and features with constantly changing edits for 20+ years.
It’s not something there is an easy fix for.
The easiest fix is what you seemingly want to avoid. Bringing in a new AAF.

Saying that, if you are a nice person I’ll give it a shot if you send me the full EDL file so I can filter out the audio events and possibly create something that may be of use for you.
I do have the tools for it, however the use case is not something I have fully done before so not 100% sure of best way to do it.

The edl looks fine though so it should be perfectly doable.

Forget my question, but if the editor inserted new takes, wouldn’t you expect the timeline to be blank there, because it refers to audio that had not been imported before?

Yes, it’s to be expected here. I was just describing the situation that I’m dealing with. That’s why I’m looking for a good workflow to insert these clips in a way so that I don’t get insane.

Thanks a LOT for the kind replies guys! And for the understanding of how chaotic student projects can go…

I am actually working on exporting the new AAF at the moment, so I think that will be the best solution right now.

Thank you so much for that kind offer! I think I can spare you the circumstances as I am exporting the new AAF right now.

Good, I do think that is the simplest way to just get it done.


Again, thanks a lot guys for the kind support.
The Re-Conform dialog got me 70% on the way and the new AAF + tweaking did the rest. I’m back on track now.

It’s really nice to see that this is actually a live and supportive forum! Another point that tells me it is a good decision to go with Nuendo :slight_smile:
(I’m on my university’s licence right now but will definitely buy in the next few months)