please help - Restoring midi track?

is there anyway that i can Restore the midi part that some how disappear from my project?
i been try everything that i know , i also opened all the BAK file from my project folder and nothing… :cry:
but it opens the midi track with the effect on it , so i can play the instrument with my midi controller but the actual midi part that i been working on the last few days is not there.
please… does anyone know any solution to get the midi part back?
Thanks so much

forgot to mention im on cubase 7.5

I don’t have a solution for you, but to avoid issues like this, file corruption, etc, every time I save my project I save it as another file.

My Song 01.cpr <-- first save
My Song 02.cpr
My Song 03.cpr

My Song 86.cpr

If you are on windows possibly system restore?

It is strange that those MIDI Parts are not present in your backup files. How far back in time do they go?
Just a thought…
Is there any chance that, even accidentally, you created a new Track Version? (Do you see a little “v2” to the right of the track name?.. and your MIDI Part is still safe in “v1”?)

thanks Greg i will do it from now on

thanks but it is NOT enable on my system

i have about 30 BAK file from the past week (march 10 to 18 )
yes i already check the track version and there is not “v2” there unfortunately… :cry: