please help.....someone who knows nuendo well!!!!

i have been using the n6 demo for a month now…someone explain to me the elastiq stretching…first of all it sounds sooo much better than mpex ever did…but it is realtime only? how can it sound better than mpex on offline hq mode in realtime…and u cant flatten with el algo…make it a option to flatten with a higher quality algo and use el…also u cant use vari audio with el algo??? why…also BIG problem with transpose events…say u have 4 bars of say a bass note…and bar 2 u go down 2 semitones and bar 3 normal and bar 4 up 3 semitones…what happens is that when it hits the event that is transposed it bends up or down the its value instead of just jumping to the note…if its a feature…can it be turned off???..cause its making the use of loops with tonal parts unusable…if u flatten it it works…but then u have to use the crappy mpex algo…and the loop sounds like pooo!!!..but please put a flatten option in there to use el algo in REAL HQ!!!i dont care if it takes 5 min to flatten 1 bar of a loop…i want it to sound pristine…on my system it will only take 5 sec anyway…but please im begging u…more to come