Please help to get VST Amp Rack working

I’ve been looking through the forum and may have found what the problem is, but I am not sure how to repair it.

Issue is VST Amp Rack sounds like crap and it appears it is because the cab sims are not loading. I have checked out this thread and near the bottom it says there may be some vstsounds files missing viewtopic.php?f=146&t=18969&p=119572&hilit=missing+amp+cabinets#p119572

I’ve searched in the location suggested and cannot find anything like is suggested, and have also searched my computer for those files and cannot find them that way either. I attempted to try to reinstall Cubase 7.5.4 Update, and for some reason I get the message that it’s already installed and wont allow any repair action.

I’m feeling pretty stupid so be easy on me boys. :smiley: Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Try to completely un-install cubase, trash preferences (seek the forum on how to do this), and re-install.
Make sure that you consistently choose the option “install for all users” , in my experience the best option.
However the only must is that you choose the same option very time you do an upgrade or install.

I’ve had issues mixing the installation option by choosing “all users” option the first time, the second time not and your end up with all kind of files missing.