Please help - urgent newbie question!

Hi, apologies, v basic question but been years since I used this and not on this equipment and having a brain blank!
USB mic is recognised by the mac and have been using it for zoom meetings fine etc with audio out via headphone or speakers. If I add a mono audio track in a new Cubase project and go to the audio inputs panel I can’t get USB mic to appear in the drop down menu unless I go into the studio setup and change the VST audio system ASIO driver to USB mic (thats the only place it appears) but obviously this isn’t right (I can’t listen to anything back apart from anything). How do I get Cubase to let me use the USB mic for recording but be able to just playback as usual through built in audio??!

Running Cubase 9.5 on an old iMac (running High Sierra 10.13) and have a USB LD D1014 condenser mic.

It is correct as you describe it. Cubase can use only one ASIO driver at a time, as also explained in the manual. A way around this on Mac is to use “aggregated device”. Plenty of posts on the forums and on google.

OK thank you, I hadn’t heard of the term aggregated device so will search on that.