please help, When I exporting my music with Wave format, sound be breakdown!

I really have a headache problem. :unamused:

I will write down the project setup settings in my cubase 9.5.

Sample rate : 48 kHz
Bit Resolution : 16 to 32 bits
Using Audio interface : RME Babyface pro

And there are no problems when monitoring sound within a project.

When I extract music from Cubase in the " Wave " format, the following problems occur :

[When extracting WAVE format with 24 bits (or 32 bit), there is a big problem with the sound]

To explain,

  • When extracted with ’ 24bit WAVE ', the sound range is narrowed as if EQ was cut into a sound.

  • When extracted with ’ 32bit WAVE ', sound is greatly destortion.

  • But
    Because Tempo does not change, I do not think it is a matter for Sample Rate.

  • In this situation, when extracting " Wave " by setting the bit resolution to 16 bits, there is no problem.

  • And no problem when extracting in MP3 format.

Problems only occur when the ’ bit resolution ’ in ’ wave export option ’ changes to 24 or 32.

The same problem occurs no matter how much the same bit resolution is set in the Project setup before extracting sound.

I want to know why the problem becomes serious in WAVE extraction as the bit resolution gets higher than 16.

Please help. Please … :unamused:

How are you playing back your 24 and 32bit files? Are you sure it’s not just a playback issue?

Appreciate for your reply.

I found this cause but it was too simple issue.

Problem was my music playing software in my computer.

This software doesen’t work WAVE with 24 to 32 Bit Resolution format.

I learned that as the non-common sense issue, the answer is simpler.

It’s a little vain, but I’m glad the issue has been solved.

Thank you for your kindness. Have a good day.