Please help with some Cubase questions


Im new to Cubase and I have a couple of questions.
Setup: Cubase Elements 7 + Steinberg UR22
Guitars: Acoustic + Electric

Question 1:
How do I get the program to stop changing things that I have set.
For instance I set the guitar channel and voice channel to record, as soon as I make any change it disables record.
The same happens with the monitor setting. This is super frustrating.

Question 2:
The Acoustic guitar sounds very faint and bland when I record it. I set the preset to “Strumming guitar” this helps a bit.
Is there any other settings that I need to change?

Question 3:
The monitor volume is very low. I use headphones and I can not hear the electric guitar when I play.

Im sorry but so far I am not very impressed with Cubase.

Seems like there’s a setting so that when you click on a track it arms it or not. There’s some other settings like holding down keys when you arm it to make solo exclusive and some things, worth a look in the manual.

Gain staging. You have to set your levels. So on your interface it should be cranked up high without red lining.

Then you could add a compressor and an eq to the track to boost the monitor signal. Plus hold down the shift while you turn the trim knob on the mixer channel to make a track louder.

You have to crank up the monitoring without recording too hot.

With digital you can do things like normalize to bring up the signal after you record if you need to.