Please implement Sequel 3's intuitive clip editing workflow in future Cubase version

Dear devs,
my top three feature requests for Cubase 11.5 or Cubase 12!
10 years ago, back in 2011, you released Sequel 3 which still has the most efficient and fastest audio clip editing workflow I’ve ever experienced in any DAW. None of your competitors has this, so please bring these functions / features back into a future Cubase version!

1.) In Sequel 3 the mouse cursor (with which you grab and drag audio clips) automatically switches to the scissor tool whenever you hover to the bottom of any audio clip so that you can edit / cut the clip instantly. This is by far the most intuitive way of cutting audio clips (with also switching back to the selection tool whenever you leave the clip bottom) that a developer has ever implemented in a DAW or any editing software. It is such a great and comfortable solution instead of the current hassle to use the range tool or this combined tool that you have introduced in a previous version of Cubase. Even the annoying way of right-clicking to choose the scissor tool, cutting the clip and right-clicking again to choose the selection tool kinda kills all the fun of editing samples. Please go back to the way of handling intuitive clip editing the way Sequel 3 did it because it is so lightning fast and fun whenever the selection tool automatically changes to the scissors tool to let me cut the clip in that moment and instantly goes back to the selection tool with no need of a context menu or pressing any other key on the keyboard to do so. This way of cutting audio events should be implemented in any editing software due to its flawless, fast way of cutting audio material. I’d be so happy if you implemented this function!

2.) In Sequel 3 you also could mute and unmute any audio clip with one click on the X icon which is displayed in the upper right corner of any audio clip. This is a lot faster workflow than using the right-click tool menu to choose the mute tool or by pressing a short key on your keyboard to mute an audio clip. I quite don’t get why you left this great feature out of Cubase but have been having this feature in Sequel 3 for so long now.

So. Please just make audio clips muteable and editable by just a click on them like in Sequel. It makes editing way more fun, creative and fast.

3.) The last feature comes from seeing how well Studio One’s devs have implemented a customizable tool bar for all macros which is displayed above the sequencer window. You can even add icons and rearrange and rename macros there to instantly click a macro without hiding it behind several context and sub menus like Cubase does. Bring such essential macros to the overview of the user. Let the user see and edit macros near the editing / sequencer window in the DAW and shorten the click paths through unnecessary sub menus. It kills the fun of music making.

I hope so much you can (re-)introduce these features in Cubase and make clip editing fast again!