Please improve Dorico

Please consider my thoughts about improvement of Dorico.

  • A lot of very good elements from Cubase should take place in Dorico also. I do not have on my mind co-working with Kontakt, Play64 or VIPro. I discuss in details what is on my mind below
  • starting template - much often is 4/4 with few bars (in real life) than that what is in Dorico. And this example I would like for default.
  • colour edition just like in Cubase.
  • transport panel just like in Cubase (with tempo mark)
    -importing midi files - Dorico should now what is the approx register and show in the correct clef (at least soprano/ bass clef)
  • marker and ruler track just like in Cubase.
  • cursor just like in Cubase.
  • scalable view jut like in Cubase/ Sibelius.

In short in prefences for user should be preferable Input mode via mouse like in Finale for former Finale users (so I do not be very exact with my input of pitch place - just like in Finale)
and for former Sibelius user like in Sibelius.
Under right click of mouse could be something like toolkit in Cubase with

  • eraser on pencil for fast erase
  • flat,sharp, natural
    -selection tool for fast copying parts in instruments and across the score, for fast editing example slurs, staccato etc
  • octave mover (down/up) and halfstep mover (down/up) like in Cubase in upper panel -
  • and maybe succesive voice changer.
  • i would like to have flowing window jut like in Cubase, always on top (transport panel)
  • in this panel leftmost measure option - something like in Finale (the cursor could go back to the chosen leftmost measure)


  • midi insert for pitchbend correction at start of the pitch - it is very easy to do, it will stop gun machine effect and the playback will more natural - just like in vienna instruments pro, It is very realistic effect.
  • huamization/randomization - move pitches, little random of velocity, to apply just like in Cubase
  • for CC automation input - just like in Cubase
  • tempo track just like in Cubase
  • locators just like in Cubase

-it could be modest but just like in Cubase