Please improve upon the Sampler Track

*Basic destructive editing like cropping
*Better Timestretch & pitch algorithm (on par with Abletons)
*Higher resolution waveform graphic
*An improved browser to save and load sampler presets
*Waveform graphic behind envelopes
*Drag Drop integration with Groove Agent (pads) to & from
*Multi Sample capabilities
*Integrated slicing

As it stands, the Sampler track has potential but is far too basic in it’s current form.

Yes, I would also like HALion to be built into Cubase for no additional charge. Thanks… lol

To piggyback on your comments, the sampler track does have tons of potential, especially with drum editing.
I would love if you could drag samples to the sampler and build a kit,
like many other daws (if not all) already have. I guess being able to browse directly through groove agent is a step up,
but still way too many steps to building a groove with a step sequencer (in this case, beat designer)
but that’s whole other thread.

Right… because feature wise, there’s no middle ground between Halion and the Sampler Track? Either one or the other right? Ones extremely bare bones and the other is bloated to a fault. But thanks for the input, it allowed me to exaggerate my point further. :unamused:

Jokes aside, the fact that Cubase Pro 10 costs as much as it does and doesn’t even include a bundled instrument that can hold a user made multisample IS laughable. And Groove Agent doesn’t count. Good luck making a layered Piano patch using it.

Introducing the Sampler track (belatedly welcomed albeit) where you can’t even edit the sample within it isn’t very cutting edge is it? What version should we expect this feature to arrive, 15??

I’ve been tinkering around for an hour now, and I’m kind of annoyed by this too.
It’s the Apple tactic. Introduce options, then basically forget about them in the newest version,
only to be substituted for aesthetic choices.

I still can’t believe what complex things you can do with Cubase, but how painful it is doing very basic things
where changes should have been implemented 3 versions ago.

Do you want a program that costs $800-$1000, or do you want a program that costs as much as it does? The Sampler Track is meant to be a no frills drag and drop single snare sample (already edited) kind of sampler. You can export to Groove Agent SE or Halion SE for further tweaking/play ability.

It takes time to code everything and people to pay which is why they have broken up the features into different products and also so that someone who uses Kontakt, doesn’t pay the cost of Steinberg coding a feature rich embedded sampler right into Cubase.

These features are put into other products, to make the base version of Cubase (including the pro version) more affordable for everyone. It’s just a basic sampler, maybe it will get more features over time… but it’s just a stripped down no frills one-shot snare sample kind of sampler. If you want more than that… Well, you can pay for more than that because otherwise Cubase would just cost more to have it included which is what you are asking for.

Well that was a long way to go for a bunch of hooey.
Other DAWs have implemented similar changes and don’t cost $1000.
I think the time it took making it look “pretty” could have been spent better elsewhere.

Cool, other DAWs don’t have half the features Cubase does.

I agree, which is why I have such a love/hate relationship. I’ve tried every DAW and settled on Cubase,
but it’s painfully slow at doing easy tasks and very fast at doing difficult ones. That’s not always a great trade-off though.

I’m fine with the sampler track, it’s really designed to be an extension of the media bay file player, in which you already have a library of one hit samples.

Which DAWs provide a more expanse integrated track sampler which isn’t a separate plugin? and then in addition, also provide you with 4 additional samplers (Halion, Padshop, GrooveAgent, Loopmash)

Have to remember, this is coded directly into Cubase, it’s not a plugin.

@ResonantMind - No one was asking for a fully fledged sampler like Kontakt etc… Im in the ‘features & suggestions’ page with my personal features & suggestions… why are you trying to rationalise on behalf of Steinberg? I understand that not everyone uses the sampler functionality as much as others but for those of us who use samples heavily, it shouldn’t be a trade off of “Well Cubase does other things better so…” The 4 other samplers you mentioned are not in the conversation as which of those can I create a simple multizoned multipitched sample in? And if I recall Studio One 4 comes bundled with a fully fledged sampler in XT, is fully drag and droppable and doesn’t need to be purchased separately. Asking for a bundled instrument that does half of what XT does isn’t too much to ask from a DAW heavyweight like Steinberg. At least I don’t think it is.

Cubase IS one of the most expensive DAWS on the market today ESPECIALLY if you factor in all the update costs over the years. A product like FL Studio might not be as feature rich as Cubase in many areas but the fact that they offer lifetime updates for free nullifies all this talk about what one should expect from Cubase and that if I want more, I should pay up extra elsewhere.

I do love Cubase but it’s frustrating how much they can lead the pack in some areas and then lag waaay behind the competition in others.

Multi sample would be overkill and bloats the program I’m afraid. But I do agree with the rest of your points.