Please increase the crackdown on piracy and protect the rights and interests of legitimate users

Now, the Internet is full of various “perfect cracked versions” of software. Steinberg’s office has yet to deal legally with those who use these hacking software to make music and use it for commercial purposes.
As we all know, maintaining the image of the software is very important, but now, since the release of the cubase12 version, those cracking teams are no longer blocked by the USB hardware encryptor. They release various cracking versions on the network without restraint.
At present, Steinberg’s office do not have any obvious treatment for the cracking software circulating on the network.
I suggest that Steinberg’s office improve the anti piracy efforts,just like the previous version needs to use USB encryptor, it can not be cracked.
At the same time, Steinberg’s office should not indulge those websites and publishers to continue to release cracking software, and do not let more legitimate users feel disappointed because the Steinberg’s office have not handled the cracking software effectively.

Assuming this is true (based on ???huh what???) how does it impact you?

Can you not use your legit copy because some pirate is making tango music?

Are you upset that you paid for it instead of just taking it yourself?

What “rights and interests” are you concerned about loosing?


Tyrion had a good solution for the pirates…


According to your logic, steinberg’s office don’t have to worry about these cracking softwares now, and continue to let those cracking teams release them.? If that’s the case,what’s the point of that steingberg activation manager?
What is the rights and interests? Paid users, but the network is full of cracked versions. Is this a normal thing?That’s your logic?

If you have opinions about legitimate users, please continue to use pirated software and recommend downloading those cracking software to people around you.

OK, I’ll have a look.

I wouldn’t even know if there were cracked versions out there as I’m not looking. Why would I look when I pay for a legitimate version?

I should imagine steinberg have people who do look though but it is no concern of mine.

No doubt the OP will accuse anyone of “supporting piracy” if they point out how silly this thread is.


And there it is right there.


Yeah, it’s indeed a stupid thread.
If you are serious about what you are doing, you are buying the software.
Sorry, but if you’re earning money with it and running a business you just cannot risk to rely on cracked versions.

There are various reasons:

  • These cracked versions are often buggy and not up to date (and if you need newer versions so that certain 3rd party apps can run, you’re f*ckd)
  • Everytime you download the newer cracked versions you’re risking to infect your system with ransomware/viruses/etc. (thats about the most important reason for me)
  • There is no support

There are just way more headaches using cracked DAWs, its absolutely not worth it.
Now if you don’t run a business and just want to make some beats for yourself, well…
But in that case you can just buy Elements or use a DAW like Reaper (60$), which are better solutions.

PS: Even dongle protected software gets cracked, I remember seeing a thread about a not so old cracked Cubase Pro version around. So there you go.

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It’s not so simple. With professional software a certain amount of piracy might be beneficial.

Many young students not yet entering the business will use cracked software and you might want them to use your cracked product rather than the competitors’.

When they turn pro and consume professional licenses for years to come you want it to be your product they know and ask for.


Also, just because there is a cracked version available doesn’t mean that it will be functional forever. It is quite common today to have multi-level protection like time bombs that only manifest themselves after a certain time of usage or a time period, when the software suddenly stops working. Which can actually be a method of generating income, when the people who use the cracks got used to the software but suddenly get a “demo version expired, please buy the full license “ message when working on a project.
As usual, nothing is as simple as some people might want you to believe…

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Therefore I prefer a software vendor which spends way more time perfecting their product, instead of losing way too many manhours over the lost war on cracked software.


Nope. My comment wasn’t about Steinberg or their business at all. It was totally about you and your post.

And then you accuse me of using & promoting pirated software?

Did your mother drop you on your head as a child?


This post is posted here for the official to handle. Your first comment is full of accusations against me. You can ignore this post. Does it have anything to do with you? Is it wrong to support genuine?

What are you talking about. He doesn’t use pirated software. Where on earth did you get that notion from? Can you nit read and understand what has been written?

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Finally, I would like to say that this post I sent is for officials to see how to improve and enhance anti piracy measures. You can choose to ignore this post. There is no need to blame me like your first comment! This post has nothing to do with you in fact. This is an official matter. If you are interested, you can check the anti piracy act.

No it is not. If you don’t want the community to take part in this discussion, then don’t open a thread here (and especially in the “Steinberg Lounge” subforum). Open a support ticket instead and contact them directly.

Thank you for your reply. I will submit some suggestions to the official later,

Let us know what they say. I’d be interested in that.

Just one last thing:
There are cracked versions available of every Cubase version in the past, even all those with dongle protection/USB encryptor. Maybe a thing to keep in mind, before you write them. So the protection they had before, was not any better than the one now.

And as a guy who was working 10+ years in the IT (support & development) I can tell you, that there is no perfect protection against this. On top of that this takes an incredible amount of resources, taking away time from the real work, which should be further improving your products.

I can assure you the type of protection Steinberg had and has is as good as it needs, spending more resources in that area would not make any difference at all, other than probably fewer feature updates and bug fixes.

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Increasing piracy protection only punishes legitimate users, I’ve had so many problems with Cubase 12 licensing that has stopped me from working.