Please introduce an instrument pattern rack

I think a lot of producers really like to arrange and mix predominantly in audio. However they still want good support for external/VST instruments. To support this, a VST instrument pattern rack (a little different in function to the current instrument rack) would be really useful.

Imagine this view as a rack of instruments, each hosting a recorded pattern. New instruments could be added to the rack and new patterns recorded and edited. The recorded parts could then be frozen and dragged onto the arrangement view as audio events.

This setup would allow producers to record patterns of midi within the context of the arrangement, and then drag the rendered audio into the arrangement view to arrange and mix the track.

Doesn’t this come down to the same thing as creating a midi loop, rendering it in place, and then accessing it from MediaBay in the right Zone?

Seems like a duplication of already existing functions.

Almost, it can be done with rendering in place, but it means you clutter your arrangement with midi/instrument tracks and then have to manage thier visibility. If you want to add/record a midi loop in the context of the arrangement, the new part is captured somewhere in the timeline - the patterns are coupled to the arrangement. I’m suggesting a new feature that keeps instrument patterns decoupled from the arrangement, to be used purely as a source to drag and drop rendered audio.

For anyone interested, Native Instruments Maschine provides this functionality.

I bought the Maschine Mikro Mk3 (you can’t buy the software separately). Open up the maschine plugin on an instrument track in Cubase, load up your choice of VST instruments and effects on each sound slot, and start recording/creating patterns. You can then simply drag the rendered audio from each of these patterns into the cubase arrangement window.

Works perfectly and is exactly the functionality I was after! It does mean that Cubase becomes restricted to arranging and mixing audio, rather than midi, but I’m okay with that.

Of course, it would be nice if Steinberg were to provide the functionality without having to use a separate product…

Those functionality are in Groove Agent where you can record, edit pattern and very easily send midi out (in real time) those patterns to desired instruments, or just drag&drop to the Cubase arrangement the midi pattern created in Groove Agent.
Then convert them in audio in your preferred way or use Groove Agent as the sampler to trigger and mix your rendered audio pattern, they is few different way by midi or by audio…

In midi, you can record/edit your midi patterns normally in Cubase and then Drag&Drop them directly to the patterns of Groove Agent, and midi trigger them. Be able to Drag&Drop midi event (without bouncing) directly to Groove Agent is a nice feature !!

The same for the audio event in Cubase arrangement, you don’t need to bounce your audio pattern, you can Drag&Drop them directly to Groove Agent, so it’s a fast way of sequencing your audio pattern as you need.

You can trigger many different patterns with the keyboard, it works as a normal step-sequencer but with more functionality, Groove Agent is not only a “Drum-Box” as i was thinking about 2 years ago, it can be use for sequencing midi cc and polyphonic melodies to.
The bad news is that you need to buy Groove Agent, cause i’m not sure if all the functionality are in Groove Agent SE.

About a year ago, someone ask to pay more for more functionality, probably actually we can think that Groove Agent bring some extra midi pattern functionality and other tools to Cubendo… Maybe later they will come to Cubendo, who knows…

I own and use groove agent and it offers a lot of functionality, but not specifically what I am looking for.

  1. You cant load VST instruments within groove agent, only samples.

  2. You cant drag and drop patterns as rendered audio clips into cubase (only midi).

  3. The midi editing is a bit limited - its aimed at sequencing drums - theres no key editor.

Maschine is so far the best option I have found.

Another alternative might be to rewire ableton live but I havent investigated this.