Please let us freeze and unfreeze multiple tracks-and access freeze with macros [Achieved]

Freezing really needs to be much more efficient in Cubase. As projects get larger, I spend half of my time freezing and unfreezing individual tracks.

I generally want to limit feature requests to one thing, but there are a few really important things about freezing so I am including them here:

1.We need to be able to freeze multiple tracks at once.
2.We need to be able to unfreeze multiple (and all) tracks at once-this is huge as flattening arranger track doesn’t work if there is a frozen track and then you are stuck hunting around for individual frozen tracks. Also, cubase lets you move several tracks at once but if you have one that is nested in a folder and frozen and you move all the tracks, the frozen track doesn’t move and you may not notice. Let us unfreeze all tracks.
3. Give us access to freeze/unfreeze in key commands. Then we can create macros to-for example-select all instruments in a “Drum” folder and freeze/unfreeze.


This is much needed functionality. I’m coming from Pro Tools. While Pro Tools came to the freeze/unfreeze party late it’s a much better implementation. You can easily freeze/unfreeze multiple tracks at once and you can choose up to which insert you want included in the freeze. Cubase needs to step up!


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+1 Yes PT is very much ahead in the freeze game, in this way. I miss it being in Cubase now, is a noticeable boon to speed and workflow.

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Love the idea. a freeze all would be great. that way i can just walk away and grab a snake, instead of babysitting each one till its done.

+1 For a “Freeze All” function.

Me any my friend regularly exchange project files to work on them. However he has different softsynths and VSTi than I have so a “freze all” would be huge time-saver" because frozen tracks are played correctly even if the original synth is not there anymore.
It would also be a great feature to archive our tracks. You never know if you still have all VSTis when you open up that track half a year later…


Yes!!! I’ve been asking for this feature since 2012!!!
We need a “Freeze All Selected” feature…or at least be able to access the feature using a key command or logical editor so we can program macros.

***Freeze and Render accomplish very different things (similar to Freeze and Commit in Pro Tools) and affect workflow very differently. I use both, but we REALLY need the Freeze functionality to be automatable.

The bottom line is there is no way to access freeze in Cubase right now except clicking each VSTi track individually, manually clicking the freeze button, waiting for the process, and then moving onto the next one. HUGE time suck currently.

It would be FABULOUS to have it work similar to Pro Tools where you can just select the tracks you want to freeze, hold shift+opt and click the freeze button. Then step away for a minute while it cranks through the whole session. And then the reverse functionality for Unfreeze.
But I’d take even just “freeze track” to show up in the assignable key commands…

Pretty Please :slight_smile:

Cubase? Steinberg? Still waiting for this.

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For the love of god. Sort this out.


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+1 from me… it’s almost 2021 and I’ve lost track of how many hours of my life I’ve lost trying to trudge through freezing enough channels to knock down my CPU usage. Mostly because my attention span sucks and I almost always get sidetracked while waiting for one channel to finish, it ends up taking me an 15 minutes to freeze 5 channels that should have taken maybe 5 minutes.

I don’t understand how this isn’t already a thing by now, but I’ll wager a guess that it’s because the freeze stuff has bugs that Steinberg has put off fixing forever that they’d have to fix for that feature to work properly. For example there’s a very old bug that happens when you have two channels linked with inserts option checked, when you freeze one of the tracks (because you can’t freeze both) it ends up disabling all the insert plugins on the other unfrozen track. If you don’t pay attention and re-enable those plugins, then when you freeze that channel you’re just freezing the dry signal. It gets even more fun if you had disabled plugins on that track and weren’t paying attention to which ones were enabled/not before you froze that track… then you have to unfreeze the other channel to look and then start all over… quit making me pay attention to stuff Steinberg, it’s exhausting… lol.

Case in point, I wrote the above while trying to slog through freezing 26 channels… I started that like 30 minutes ago and I’m on the 12th channel now… and here I am back again not paying attention to getting through it lol. It would be nice if I flipped back over to Cubase during my detour and all the tracks were just frozen.

I totally agree! I found this topic while searching how to freeze all instruments in Cubase, I thought there was a way to do it. I have worked in Logic the last 6 months so I really miss the abillity to freeze multiple tracks.

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+1 this feature is very needed!

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YES PLEASE! This is a major obstacle between the artist and their work.

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Also, it would be cool if you could freeze all tracks going into a group track with one click.

+10 for this one. Waiting for it since the first Cubase VST version!

Or please add it to the Key Command editor (Freeze Current Track), so we can use it in a Macro?

+100500 !!! required function

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I also find freezing very tedious and time-consuming. Dealing with large libraries is really not that much fun when it comes to the poor CPU. I now export the heaviest tracks on audio and disable said heavy tracks.

If need be, I export multiple channels and then quickly disable them.

The whole thing is just too much I find, with freezing and unfreezing.

Freeze is mostly useless. Too slow. Can’t batch them a go get a coffee. I started using mostly UAD plugin and going to buy a second accelerator processor. I have 8 cores and and looking to get more.

I hear you. For film-scoring, It’s great when they advertise the next generation of strings and brass etc, only to find that they kill your CPU. Scoring is also not a very solid process.

Some strings/brass/ww may have to change here and there, tempi, etc. To do that one has to freeze/unfreeze, fix, freeze again, an extremely time-consuming process.

Same here, I have a 6 core computer, old, but powerful and as the years went by, I knew that it just couldn’t take the workload. Also have memories of Cubase 8, disabling the freezing function, just because… :roll_eyes:

I had to take the plunge with a far more powerful computer. Can’t take the headaches anymore…