Please Make An SD Card Dongle

I purchased Cubase 10 Pro during the anniversary sale.

I appreciate most aspects about Cubase and am happy with how it has fit into my music production workflow. Although, it’s not my primary DAW.

In order to give me a fair chance to learn it, it has to be readily available and most times when I think about spending some time in it, I’m discouraged by the USB dongle.

I use a laptop and that dongle juts out and takes up a USB port. In addition, I have the dongle on a ruler so I don’t lose it; I figure I can get a break point key chain but I still find it very inconvenient.

I have no plans to upgrade to 11 for this reason, as much as I want to explore and grow with Cubase.

A great alternative for me will be an SD card type dongle. I barley ever use my SD card port, as a matter of fact, I still haven’t with my new computer. An SD card will stay flush will the laptop, leave my usb ports open for devices, and it’s likely I’ll never have to remove it until I upgrade or goto antother PC.

This inconvenience also extends to Steinberg’s VST software when I want to use them in other DAWs.

Any consideration is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Make it a MicroSD! Even with a reader it will then be smaller than current dongle!

That’s a bit too small for my taste and I don’t really see the application. Most laptops don’t have a MicroSD reader. Not sure if your serious or having a laugh.

Many microsd’s get a adapter. It’s just a mechanical adapter. And microsd’s are common for phones and tablets.

Much of Steinberg’s software that uses the dongle doesn’t run on phones or tablets, that’s the application I’m not seeing. The convenience of having a tiny computer chip versus the risk of losing said computer chip, is more in favor of having a larger chip to avoid loss.

MicroSds are so tiny, they can get picked up in a breeze or lost in a small crevasse; I can literally eat one with no apparent side effects.

Either way, the chances of Steinberg marketing one are very slim. Looks like I’ll only be using Cubase for support.