Please make the mixer remember the horizontal scroll position

I use the F3 key quite a bit to open/close the mixer. Every single time I hit F3 though to reopen the mixer, the mixer has forgotten the horizontal scroll position, and it’s now scrolled all the way to the left!

THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! I’m on a huge project with lots of tracks, and I need the mixer to remember where I last left it… Every time I open it again though, I have to start searching again. I’m scrolling over and over again to the right, wasting lots of time constantly searching for the previous scroll position. Please fix this…



The MixConsole scrolls so, the currently selected track is visible.

It’s annoying. I think a separate view stack on each mixer view would have been good, so you can get back to view without any change on audio. And even a few favourite views would be good.

Yes, this is a new problem. Previously, Cubase would recall the position in the mixer. Now, it snaps to the far left. Very annoying.

(Also, please, in a future update, make the “split console divider bar” moveable. Thanks.)


Could you write step-by-step repro, please?

On my side, the MixConsole shows the selected channel, once I open it.

I don’t care if the mixer shows the selected channel… this is no help at all. If I have hundreds of tracks, then that just causes me to have to search through all of the hundreds of tracks to even be able to select the correct one - Just so the mixer will scroll to it.

The mixer should remain where I last left it. This constant searching through tracks, or searching in the mixer is a huge waste of my time. Very frustrating…


Then disable the “Sync Selection in Project Window and MixCosnole” option in the Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole. Then the selection is not in sync. Once you select a channel in the MixConsole, this channel will be selected and in focus, once you open the MixConsole again. Independent on the Project window track selection.

In the very same preferences window, you can also disable “Scroll to selected track”, if you don’t like this feature.

Currently, selecting a channel focuses the mixer. I like this function… BUT, if I manually scroll the mixer, I’d like Cubase to remember where I left it, and keep the mixer there… unless I then select another track/channel, then Cubase can refocus the mixer again on the selected channel.

Will you guys consider making it work this way?



I have to say, myself, I would find this logic too complicated.

But I would recommend to put this to the Feature Request thread.

It seems complex, but as a user I think people would find it very intuitive… I’ll post it in the feature request section as you suggest. Thanks.