PLEASE! Make The Overload Indicator Momentary

Would be nice if the hard working people at Steinberg made the overloaded indicator momentary. This red light just stays on all the time.This does not affect my audio or workflow, but it’s still annoying. Even when I watch the videos Steinberg themselves have posted on their website the light is on. If the people who created the software has the overload light problem, what is the use of having it there? Clearly everyone just either ignores it or removes it from the transport bar including the people from Steinberg. Just shows me that Steinberg does not pay attention to details. If little tiny things like this cannot be fixed good luck for the important things.

+1 yes, please look at making this indicator more useful.

I mentioned a while back in another thread that my overload light goes on quite often simply when I press play and that’s no use to man nor beast if you ask me! So it turns out my red light stays on for the whole session usually.

But really, I’m only interested in whether it goes on during recording or not.

I’ve actually set the preference to display the dialogue because this is in effect momentary, i.e. I close it when it pops up :slight_smile: And, it closes with the space bar or return key (or something like that, which in addition equates to a key command, even better :smiley: :smiley: )


I agree. It doesn’t really bother me, as I’m watching the realtime portion to see if I need to freeze tracks to continue writing on my 8-10 total track projects. Seems like a simple, low-hanging fruit fix to include in the next free update.
The class is in the details. Overall, I dig C7.0.6. I’m in no hurry to go to .5 until there is an update or two to settle any issues that weren’t identified in the QA process.

Maybe a 2 stage illumination? Red as momentary, then orange held until you reset. Just so it’s not entirely different to how it was before - which some people might be liking/needing.

But the issue I have really is that at the moment it goes red so frequently when I do normal things, like press play, or add a new plugin or track. That doesn’t seem logical to me.


Or a ‘stay red for X seconds’ slider preference

I could go for that. +1

Good call. Yes, mine is permanently lit red! What’s the use of that?

Well this makes me feel kind of good actually. I was wondering if my system was slow or glitchy.
My light comes on 1/2 the time too.

  • 1000 (at least)

If it worked correctly, it would be very useful and important feature. As it is now, I have it turned off since it serves absolutely no purpose.

Has anyone at Steinberg heard the children’s story of the shepherd boy who cried wolf?

Yes! In it’s current state all it does is remind you that at some point in the past there was an overload, even if you’re in the clear now. No need for it to stay on at all.

yes! great idea! didn’t even think of that… mine is also 100% red even on low CPU projects just because of the occasional spike!..

perhaps even a counter for overloads per minute or hour or something?

+1 good idea. I never really used it though. Suppose I would if I was having trouble.

I just keep it there to look cool… baby :sunglasses: