Please need HELP!!

Hello guys I have a verry big problem I buyed CUBASE 4 Al and does not work the registration can some one tell me why please??
I need this software verry much and fast!

Can someone help me please to install this CUBASE :question: ?

Looking at your screenshots, it appears as if the full license for Cubase AI 4 is there (in the e-licenser control center).

What’s not working?

Everything looks correct from what I can see. Registered and authorized.

Can you not launch the program?

If your concern is about the “demo” license, just ignore it. I believe that is there to let you use the software for a limited time until you request permanent authorization, which it looks like you have done.

I instaled the Dvd cd what so ever… and the e licencer from cd does not work on the forst place because it was the version 5.something and I serch it on google an they told me I must have the lastest version of Elicenser good i run it on my computer make al registation and surpirise when I open Cubase4 says enter license or cancel… I whant to mention I dont have the usb stik drive theat blue ben drive… I open it again Cubase and give me 1 error… someting …
At least I was abbile to open the program but im not shure if the Cubase 4Al are permanently activeted or not!

Can you tell me what to do please?

Las mention must instal the sound card Delta 1010 on this pc…
I have 3 gb ram procesor intel q6600 2,4ghz x 4 video card radeon 6750 so dont should be a problem…

Tank you for your promtitud and apology for my bad englesh!!Realy excuse me because I write bad ! Whit respect tank you!

Cubase AI 4 doesn’t need a USB dongle.

It is.

The second line in the “Licenses” pane of the e-licenser control center is the permanent license (the key icon signifies this).

Tank you verry verry much guys for this support accorded to me and my best regard’s from me please apology for my bad english!

You are the verry best!!