Please, No Mandatory Ribbon Interface

Apparently the latest MS Windows “improvement” not only applies a mandatory ribbon interface to its OS but also seems to force it on programs that use its program construction toolkit. Apparently, Dorico’s use of the Qt framework has insulated Dorico from this disaster, and I urge you to maintain Dorico’s more professional menu system.

I feel as if someone has broken into my home and rearranged all my closets and cupboards according to their own idea of what is important, and I hope Dorico can insulate itself *(and me) from this violation.

Thanks for considering.

Derrek, I imagine they will do everything in their power to prevent this intrusion. This would cause major issues for a program that is cross-platform; they can’t have two different user experiences. I’m sorry to hear MS is doing this. (Edit: I’d also imagine they don’t want to start that whole ribbon/no-ribbon war again… Too much digital blood has already been spilled on that martyrs’ hill.)

So far as I can see, this only applies to MS’s own apps (in particular, Office). Since I don’t have any of those anyway, I’m not sure that I care. Things like File Explorer have had ribbons for years, and MS seems to be the only company that has ever figured out how to design ribbons that are not “worse than useless” so I can live with those.

I have to think that even the merest mention of the word “ribbon” triggers PTSD around these parts. LOL

…Especially if one experienced the Sibelius “upgrade” from 6 to 7. (Which, come to think of it, is probably exactly what you were referring to.) Talk about the worst of both worlds…