Please officially improve the style and color of the interface. The current interface is too dark

Please ask the developer to adjust the interface color. The current interface is too dark, and it doesn’t look as comfortable as the version before cubase9.
I hope you can learn more about the theme style and interface color of Logic Pro X and see how their designers designed the software interface. The current color style is not as good as the version before cubase9.
Now the color style is too simple. As a genuine user, I have to use the previous version now, because the current interface is too dark and my eyes feel uncomfortable. I have to use the version before Cubase9. Please officially improve the display effect and interface style.


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Add the feature-request tag, please.

You can adjust the colors to your liking in preferences.


Not to my liking you can’t :slight_smile: This whole flat / dark theme theme trend is nothing short of madness in my opinion. The current version (and many of the previous versions too) looks like a glorified DOS program. Pretty to the eye but not as practical in real world use. A lack of separation between things, tiny grey text on a slightly darker background, icons that display grey / a bit greyer for toggled on / off.

Nothing is clear or obvious and doesn’t stand out from the corner of the eye … and much much more, I could go on with a long list. The old SX versions were far superior in visual design. Everything that was clear and obvious has now become search, squint and guess. Adjusting colours is not a solution because very little can be adjusted individually, mostly just the “theme” as a whole. Improving one thing just ruins another.

This isn’t just a dig at Steinberg, virtually all software developers are just as bad - “pretty” trumps everything including practicality and common sense.

All my own unpopular opinion of course :slight_smile:


I very much agree with your unpopular opinion :wink: i don’t like dark/negative interfaces either, makes them hard to read for me, especially tiny fonts in gray on black background.
And it is not possible to really configure Cubase to a light look, as you run into several issues, e.g.

  • most of the texts and labels in Cubase are white, and there is no way to change that
  • a light background in the arrange window leads to automation curves and points barely being visible if the track color is of a lighter kind.

It took me a while to configure the colors in a way that is as light as possible without affecting legibility.

But yeah, there is a fatal tendency in todays software world to make everything dark, mainly I guess because of mobile devices, because it saves energy and is a bit more pleasant to the eyes when you look at your phone in bed. But there are studies that suggest that legibility is actually better with dark text on light background (which isn’t new to me, I leaned that thirty years ago when working in DTP). At least under normal working conditions in a properly lit room.


Isn’t Logic also pretty dark though?

There’s a weird trend to switch do dark themes in DAW land.
Plus, what used to be clearly defined buttons are now clickable text that barely changes in color when clicked. I prefer light grey and clear fake 3d buttons.

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I totally agree

This is entirely subjective. I happen to prefer the current colour scheme. So surely asking for more options light and dark is a better solution for everyone, than Just asking for what suits our personal preferences. :slight_smile:


Agree. The current research on the matter is not cut and dry but indicates there are pros and cons to both modes.

Software intended for professional use should have both properly implemented, i.e. not just a color inverse but proper care taken to icon readability, contrast and so forth.

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If the same threads keep being made every few months, maybe Steinaha should pay attention… :melting_face:
We don’t WANT dark or light.
We don’t WANT set hues or variations.
We WANT to be able to make OUR OWN CHOICES.

Something SO small and basic that AGAIN, they made a conscious decision to change.
Just like the right click, things NO ONE wanted or Asked for but they did it anyway. Not to improve the software,
but to make it fall in line w/the way other programs operate.
:man_facepalming:t4: These decisions are HORRIBLE!!!

Seems whoever is in charge of making these decisions really doesn’t get it, no way. I’m pretty sure they have degrees in this and that but nope, these decisions have people LOOKING elsewhere rn and that’s not the direction to be heading especially w/some of these DAW’s getting better every release. Meanwhile, we sit here re-learning where tf in the sub menus “undo quantize” is now buried at. :hear_no_evil:

end rant

Still my fav DAW but we really need to address the very unpopular decisions being made.

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Hmm, interesting. I feel like this has been a complaint since the very first version of Cubase, and I’ve always found the process of changing the GUI a greater annoyance than any perceived gain in benefit.

I would suggest everyone here, tweaking the current look in the preferences to the best closest result they need, take a screenshot, and post it here - and then explain what you need to be able to tweak further to make it an acceptable compromise.

Because I know there are limits to what can be pushed in preferences before you run into contrast/visibility problems with certain GUI components - maybe work on resolving those instead of just arbitrarily complaining about the GUI which is just totally perception based - some people love it.

And I would also add, have a proper professional grade computer screen, and taking the time to tweak it in conjunction with the Cubase preferences, makes a big difference. Take things into your own hands, and you will find much you can improve immediately.

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It’s hard to say how unpopular the decisions are, since most users don’t post in the forum, and of course people are more motivated to post about things they don’t like than about things they do like. by negative feelings about flaws or features than positive ones.

I know…people only post when they complain…I feel the same but…
how convenient of a response when I gave 2 specific issues.
This isn’t a complaint for complaints sake, it’s legit issues that (just like this post) get treated dismissively.
I literally gave 2 specific issues that have been talked about for YEARS now and the response is that? :woozy_face:
It’s like “hey look over there” more complaints.

As I stated I will not be surprised when one of the competitors takes a big portion of the Cubase base.
The reponses + the lack of action + the gaslighting… after a while even the dedicated users will feel like their feedback falls on deaf ears.

Still my fav DAW

(totally offtopic but it was so moving to see cc data on the piccolo’s track. It’s as if the one who made the demo thought that the piccolo is capable of dynamics. I’m fighting the tears back. Such devastating idealism, such harrowing innocence… :sob: :smile:)

On topic, I wouldn’t say no to a theme color whiter than 104ish. But everything else should play along too, automation lanes, text, etc…

Not a dealbreaker by any means, but hey, there’s cats people and there’s dogs people too.

The amazing piccolo player in Iconica doesn’t even need to breathe, and doesn’t believe in reality.

I only posted to say the thing about neg vs positive posts, and to post an example of what’s light to me, not to defend the color features or lack thereof.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind a more comprehensive system of visual/color themes, a la motu DP. But atheendoftheday, I adapt and try to get to work. I have three presets saved, one like the above, one very dark, and one in-between.

Me, personally, I didn’t care for the “3D” look of the raised buttons in Cubase SX. That might change though. I used to be a dog person, and now I’m a cat person.

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I don’t know. I agree that nowdays they look dated, but maybe the 3d effect was needed so they would pop out more from the admittedly lighter background theme? It’s difficult to say.

Really?! Wow! This is what I consider light:

And if I could lighten up the inspector area, track list etc even more and have them in black text, I think I would use it. But I never work in a dark or dimly lit room, so that could also be the reason. Or maybe my screen isn’t good enough? Who knows.

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Well that’s lighter than Ableton Live, looks like a DAW from the 2000’s :laughing:


Hey, I’m stuck in the past, so what!

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Lightest I could get, plus reduced saturation for the track colors.