Please post the Cubasis 3 topics in the Cubasis 3 forum

Hi All,

If you have Cubasis 3 topics please post them in the Cubasis 3 forum.

Here please post only the Cubasis 2 topics.

This will help us to edit your topics faster and keep a better product overview.

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Cubasis 3 does not appear in my (German) iPad appstore.
What am I missing?

Go to the appstore search Cubasis 2.
Then click on Manufactorer Steinberg - then you‘ll find Cubasis 3.
For the transfer of the in app purchases one has to update Cubasis 2 to version 2.8.2 - which isn‘t available at the german appstore yet.

I haven‘t found a Cubasis 3 forum yet.

There is no Cubase 2 and 3 Forum.

Cubasis 2 in-app purchases are not transferring to Cubasis 3!

The Cubasis 2 forum can still be reached via the old link:

But both forums do not appear in the Steinberg app directory.

Thanks a lot: that workaround did the job!