Please pretty please fix the color menu!!!

I’m normally a Nuendo user but trailing C8 until N7 comes out.

Pretty impressed so far, apart from some graphical glitches and slightly off located icons.

However, I can’t believe that the color menu is still not fixed.
When you have a large amount of colors for your instruments etc, the color menu still is one big long menu down the screen, or horizontally for the track colors.

It would really help if it was a multi-line menu that takes about 75% of the screen width/length before breaking into a new row/line of colors, otherwise you have to scroll through a whole bunch of colors to even get the the actual color options!



Another issue that has to do with WORKFLOW that should be addressed.


Without a doubt!

In case you didn’t know, you can hIt up while you’re on the first selection to jump to the bottom of the list

I agree totally, it should not be too hard to fix! :unamused:

I don’t think I know, and I don’t understand either. Please elaborate.

Hi all

I agree with this one, even a key command would be a good start Steiny

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…or you could create some PLE’s for changing to different colors, assign them to midi controller or to key commands and forget about the color selection window at all:

It’s issues like this that need to be addressed.

plus F*ckin 1 lol

How are you doing that?