PLEASE put these things in cubase 13.5

The team at Steinberg are the most amazing on the planet! I was really disappointed to see none of these things put in Cubase 13 after requesting them for years but I know it’s gotta be soon, Here is my list once again as a 22 year user.

Clients are constantly coming in with their iPhones and emailing me their beats to load up in Cubase to record on. I have to drag it into wavelab convert it to a wave and then pull it into Cubase. You guys are masters of eliminating inconvenience. It would be great if M4A files were accepted in Cubase.
Support copy and paste of pitch in vari audio so whatever pitch arrangement I do on the lead vocal I can copy that pitch arrangement to the stacks singing the same part in the same key. This is probably the most time consuming thing I ever have to do when working on music is making the lead vocal pitch correct and v ari audio and then double clicking the lead and the stack so I can visually see both of them and then try to meticulously move every syllable around to match what I did on the lead instead of just copying and pasting the lead arrangement pitch to the other layers in the same key.
In the pool of Cubase provide the exact pitch of the song without having to tap guess or deal with the current tempo reader that fluctuates. I’ve ran a public studio here in Tampa for over 20 years and every day every single person brings an instrumental I have to bring it in to Cubase find the tempo line it up on the grid and then record. Tapping helps but its never accurate, so I’M left with zooming in, cutting the beat at a down beat, dragging to the first bar then playing with tempo till its right. then dragging the beat back out to the right and bringing the intro I cut off back. 15 times a days x 22 years. Maybe just a tempo reader like in all dj software.
When using a VST instrument and you hit write to convert it to audio make it name the track the name of the sound so in the future if you ever have to go back in add to it you can easily know what sound it is and from what instrument and go search for it. Currently it just writes the name of the VST instrument used not the particular instrument used inside of the VST.
In the audio connections tab under external effects allow there to be the option to save the routings just like there is in the inputs and output sections, the reason being if Cubase ever crashes or loads incorrectly or the sound card disconnects and you have to rechoose it all these inputs and outputs are lost and then you have to go reroute everything to the correct places when you could easily just choose a preset that has the routing already.
I record in analog these days but I thought of a good idea for the people who don’t. Because i’m analog i can punch in on a render sample accurate and you would never know the difference but if you’re working in a computer and you wanna make one small difference in the middle of the song you gotta render the whole song again. Figure out a way where you can render only a section of the song to print into the long version you already printed.

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