Please reduce number of mouse clicks

A few ideas:

  • In the “add instrument track” dialog, open the list immediately when the dialog opens
  • Direct access to things like “tap tempo”
  • etc…

Seriously, things like that make Cubase more awkward to use than necessary.

Hi TheNavigator,

Sorry, but you’re wrong, “add instrument track” dialog lets you “Browse” and choose your presets. So we don’t have to go to MediaBay and choose Track Preset…

Oh please.

What I want is that the list is already open when I open the dialog. So I don’t have to perform that pointless click.


On protools you can create all the tracks you need without 1 mouse click .

one window for create tracks with keyboard shortcut , you choise how munch audio track you want stereo or mono , you can add midi , instruments track , master fader .

Full project containing mono , stereo , midi , aux track … without 1 mouse click

Another thing that would be helpful - when the Instrument track dialog pops up, being back to traverse through the fields with TAB key would be very helpful (including the select VST part).