Please remove that "new audio driver detected" start up window?

I don’t know about you guys, but for the 15 years of using Cubase, never once have I got to use this window although I saw it like zillions of times, like every time I turned off my external screen and turned it back on. And if I mistakenly press enter before de-selecting what it suggests, I lose all the routing.

I mean if anyone gets a new audio device they are the one that’s the most excited and sure to be eager to find it in the setting. No need for Cubase to remind them that they have a new device. And if it’s called Cubase “PRO”, I think you could safely not prioritize those who would use their HDMI device as the main audio device.

I see there are already plenty of posts here about this issue. I think it’s time that Cubase removes this window for good.

The window has a reason. Try to overcome the reason, and the window goes away instantly.

Your last used audio device isn’t available at Cubase startup.

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Thanks for chiming in.

I know it has a reason and I know the reason. It’s like what it shows: Cubase found a “new Audio Device” — my external screen.

My last (and only ever) used audio device is available. They are available all the time. They are PCIe cards. Rarely if ever they go offline.

I mean I love Cubase way more than other DAWs like Pro tools but Pro Tools never gives me this problem. Even Steinberg’s own Dórico never gives me this problem. It’s just an old design when there aren’t that many things can act as audio devices and whenever one was added to the system it’s a big deal. Time has changed. Now every HDMI or type-c screen is an audio device. There are numerous apps can act as virtual audio devices. Todays DAWs shouldn’t make a fuss about audio device change any more.

How often do average users really need to switch their main audio devices? Like once every half year would be considered very frequent. A pop up window at startup would not be justifiable for that reason. The benefit of having it has been largely overshadowed by its drawback.

You actually brought up a very good point and the solution is right there: The pop up window should only appear when last used audio device isn’t available, not every time there is a new audio device.

If your last used audio device is still available, Cubase doesn’t try to switch interfaces.
There must be something wrong in your setup.

I know @st10ss means well, but @ywshuo is correct. I’ve posted about this in the Nuendo section a while ago because everyday, after first boot in my Mac, this window always showed up. Nothing was changed regarding my audio interface, drivers, any peripherals, etc. It only happens with Nuendo/Cubase–no other DAW (Logic, Pro Tools, DP) did this.

For me, it would happen daily when my RME interface was plugged in via Thunderbolt AND I have my CalDigit hub plugged in via Thunderbolt as well. However, if I switched my RME interface to USB3 this wouldn’t occur, including the reverse–if I plugged in the RME via Thunderbolt but unplugged the CalDigit altogether. Also, it’s not only the CalDigit hub, it also did it with an OWC hub.

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That is an issue with your system configuration, not a general problem.

It is already the case. I guess, there is something wrong with the initialization process on your system. The audio driver is not ready when you start Cubase.

I’m sorry, but I have no solution for your issue.

I appreciate the effort.

It’s a problem only Steinberg can solve.

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Okay…. :person_facepalming: I strongly disagree. I’ve tested this on four separate computers I own—including my primary computer which is a Windows 11 PC—and it’s consistently done this without fail.

I’m confused as to WHY you’re defending Cubase and Nuendo having this flaw? Tell me, since you don’t experience this issue, that means no one can possibly experience as well?

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I never said that I never had that warning.
I see them regularly.
On my laptop systems, I usually use an Arturia interface, some mixing desk drivers or DVS.
If I used DVS as the last audio device, and it’s not running any more, I get the warning.
So it reminds me, that I have to change the audio system. I can do that instantly on the dialogue.

If I don’t change anything on my system, it starts without issues.
And I’m talking about 6 Laptops in the last 10 years.

Cool. So you don’t experience it the same way that @ywshuo and I do which means it’s nonexistent. Got it.

I just say that it is not a general problem with Cubase, it is a specific problem with your system and Cubase.
It has something to do with the setup. But maybe it’s a part of the setup that is done by the software involved, and the ASIO driver is a part of the involved software items.

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Hi everyone,

and thanks for your report. I will have to dig up our bug tracking system but this is indeed not normal. If the latest ASIO driver you’ve used once you properly quit Cubase is still available you must not be prompted with this dialog. Are you properly quitting Cubase?


It also happens for me and has done for years, PC, intel mac and now M2 mac. I also use a Caldigit hub. My audio devices are always connected and always powered up before Cubase starts. I have no reason to think Cubase has any problems closing down properly.


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Speak of that. One thing I like about Cubase 13 is it’s now really good at quitting properly. I now have much more proper quit than crash/force quit.

However I still see that “New Audio Driver Detected” window at least once every time I boot the computer.

Just got a new Mac Studio and–with everything being freshly installed–this window pops up every time I fully shutdown and then load Cubase.

Screenshot 2023-12-20 at 2.17.13 PM

Awesome. Glad steinberg is on-top of this.