Please Remove the MIDI & VST (rack) instruments Crazynesss

Hi there,

Please Remove the MIDI & VST (rack) instruments Crazynesss

It is 2018 you do not need to cater to 90s audience any more

The mixer and Arrange view looks messy because there are all sorts of tracks in all sorts of orers that can not be arranged inside the mixer

For instance:

Arp with a VST ( rack )instrument ( bc midi routing in cubase is limited on normal instruments )

Takes up 4-5 channels in the mixer

1xmidi for rack instrument
1/2xmidi for arp
2 audio channels

< all of which are just randomly crazily disorganized by Cubase

Bitwig / Ableton / >insert modern DAW<

1 track

< Looks sleek and works while Cubases disogranization not only lacks the features others already have but looks Crazy

You can hide the tracks that you don’t need to see. You can rearrange the tracks using the project window, including the VST’s outputs.

Cubase is used for hundreds of different things and you can’t just remove features for the sake of looking like other DAWs, because you’re going to ruin someone else’s workflow. For no real reason.

The tracks in the mixer are not randomly organized. The track order reflect the track order you have in the arranger window, so just organize your tracks there and it will be reflected in the mixer. Maybe learn how to use Cubase before complaining and asking for much used features to be removed. Compared to Bitwig, Cubase has a much larger feature set.

^ Yeah, this. So much this!!!


-1 Ridiculous. Sounds like you want Cubase to just have the functions you use, and nothing else.

Again, requests like this come from a lack of familiarity with the program.

Keep it the way it is!

This is indeed a “not too smart” request (to put it mildly). As a user of HALion, Spectrasonics Omnisphere/Trilian/Stylus RMX and NI Kontakt, I almost exclusively use the rack instrument setup. Removing that would render Cubase almost unusable for me.

So - No. Bad request…

I am truly dissapointed in your interest of keeping Cubase behind other daws

There are plenty of things that have been developed in a much more usable way in other software and it is not about removing features but removing the crazyness and simplifying their use

I am sorry that it seems to be such a difficult thing for everyone affiliated with Steinberg


If you know how to take the full use of instrument track or rack instrument. Know how to use the tools to organize your project work space and have that reflected to your mixer view. Then you also know why most responding to your suggestion, dont see the point.

Cubase gives you two options to load instruments. That is instrument track where you get 1 track in your project window and if you want multi outputs. Those outputs will show up in the mixer window and not in the project window. But you can still flip between the single outputs in the project window.

The other option is rack instrument. Here you get all the tracks to show up in your project window and mixer window. This option gives more room for organizing multi output instruments in to group folders and move the outputs about where you want them.

The mixer in cubase will look messy if your project window is messy. But there are plenty of tools and macros you can make, to stay on top of things.

So from my view, Cubase seams to be abit a head from the competition in 2018. Trick is to learn to pick the right tool early on in a project. Have a end game vision, so you evolve the project layout logical with the end gold in mind.

Remove the rack instrument and adding a show hide multi outputs to the instrument track in the project window. Is probly gonna upset the users that like to have their midi in one folder and organize their multioutputs to different instrument folders. So they will start asking for the good old cubase back. And start suggesting that midi can be split from the instrument track, outputs should be able to group edit with outputs from other multi instrument in different folders and so on…

I hope you understand why you are not getting the full support on your suggestion so far. Im all about improvements. But I dont want improvements to mess up the workflow of my fellow cubase users. That is a step back. I think listening to others and learn from their workflow, can teach me new ways of using cubase. Im a old cubase user. But I discover alot of ways to do things from other users by communicating and keeping a open mind.

Here is a tip from me. Take use of the folders and make instrument groups out of the folders. You dont have to use any of the default things cubase auto loads. You will quickly clean up that mixer view.

I think it would be alot better if we got a setting in the preference where we could make a choise of using cubase load defaults or be promt for selecting folders, outputs, midi and such when loading a instrument.

Don’t get the point of this request. If you like track instruments better then that is what you should use. No point in removing features many others will use and you wont get much support for that. The only guy in this thread, so far, who support this request is the same guy who created a bunch of stupid request for re-designing the Cubase features instead of learning how to use the tools in Cubase properly and you should do the same.
Just the fact that Cubase do offer the option to chose between how to use instruments just tells how powerful and versatile it is to suit different needs and workflows.

If you don’t like how the features in Cubase are working, then find another DAW. But stop these stupid request for removing/redesigning features that will break the workflow for many users.

This is not about being difficult for Steinberg and affiliated people, but apparently it’s very difficult for guys like you to learn how to use Cubase properly instead of these stupid requests.