Please search the forum before you post

There are hundreds and hundreds of threads on the Dorico forum now, and somebody from the Dorico team has replied to most of them, so there’s a reasonable chance that your question has already been asked and answered already. To save everybody some time, please use the search feature on the forum to see if your question has already been answered.

When you are logged in to your forum account, the search box is at the top right-hand corner of the page, in the header, and it looks like this:
By way of example, if you want to find an answer to a question about choosing the right octave in note input, think of the keywords in your query, in this case “octave” and “input”, and type them into the search box. To narrow your results, add + before each term, which means that the result must include that term: if you type octave input then the results will contain either of those terms, whereas if you type +octave +input then the search results will contain both terms.

You can also click the Advanced Search link if you want to, for example, look for replies from me specifically that use particular keywords. phpBB’s search features are documented here.

Please, really, be so VERY kind and always first search before you post. It is sad to read again and again questions about SAME things that have already been discussed many times. Sad, because, while it is already irritating for us users, I cannot even imagine how stressful it must be for extremely busy Daniel and the extremely busy team who should be given time and peace to their great work.

It should be made clear that you must LOG IN FIRST - otherwise you don’t get the search box.

You of course must also be logged in to post, so hopefully people will cross that hurdle successfully anyway.

I’m just thinking, Daniel, that people might arrive at the forum, not log in, look around briefly, fail to see anything relevant and then think, “I’m gonna start a new thread. What do I do? Oh yeah - s’pose I’d better log in now.”

Also worth mentioning that using the search box will give you results for ALL forums (e.g., Cubase, Nuendo). Using the Advanced search option will allow you to limit your searches to the Dorico forum.

Yes, this is what I tried first, searched for the search field :wink:
Why not make it visible for - non logged in - visitors?

I cannot avoid to underline the immense effort Daniel and his team are doing :exclamation:

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I understand that searching the forum before asking a question is important.

What makes it difficult for me, though, is that people ask their questions in a variety of ways, using different words and terms than I might, so questions may have been asked and answered but not in a way that shows up when I search. Also, sometimes people ask multiple questions in a single message, and the answers get buried.

I have also always searched the Dorico Help page, but have so far not been able to answer a single question, even the most basic ones, from there.

This has been quite useful for me:

I’ve also had both these problems. I often can’t find any reference to my questions by searching the documentation and the forum, but more than once I’ve posted a question here and then found a day or two later that it’s already been answered elsewhere. I wish I had time to read through all the new posts every day, but sadly… (208 KB)
What about this pdf?

Perhaps a suggestion by the “search the forum first” request that people be as specific as possible in the topic headings, and even in their response posts use a relevant statement about what the post addresses, so that it might come up in search?

I’m sure the questions will be more and more specific & precise as the documentation will grow up in the future. The effort of the team is huge in these months (and years!) :wink:

hello, other ideas to improve this forum:

  • automatically subscribe to our own posts. I just realized that I missed a few answers to old posts of mine because I was expecting to receive a notification that I never received.
  • being to consult the list of all our posts, for Dorico only and by thread, not by individual answer. I am posting in the Cubase forum as well, and the “Show your posts” on profile page can be messy and confusing.

The documentation on the Steinberg site (OM of 731 pages), has been for some time a great improvement in knowing the program. The final release will certainly fulfil all the needs.

I’m unsticking this thread now, in favour of this new one (which is locked, so please don’t try to post to it).