Please some one show us how to put a knob created in KNOBMAN into HALION

Hi Everyone
I have already built some synths with the MacroPageDesigner but am now on the verge of using my own GUI designs. For that I use like most of us the KNOB DESIGNER.
Unfortunately I dont know how to import the MULTIFRAME PNG files into Halion.

I have read all the forums but no info on that…

It would be very kind if any of you would show me how to do that or at least point me in the direction of info sources.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

Hakan C.

Simply drag and drop the png file to Resources tab in Macro Page Designer. You could also use the “+” icon or right click menu and choose Create>Bitmap and then select the path (browse to the png file).

Check the Frames number. Sometimes HALion picks it up correctly but sometimes not.

Go back to GUI tab and create a knob. Select your bitmap and other style options.

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