PLEASE Steinberg, No Subscription Model For Cubendo, PLEASE!

Dear Steinberg,

Given the current subscription model trend adopted by companies like Adobe, Cakewalk and Avid, to name a few, I have become a little concerned that this subscription model virus may also reach the Yamaha/Steinberg headquarters. I personally love the way you’ve handled updates and upgrades ever since I started using Cubase in version 6, and would hate to see it change into a subscription model such as those implemented by the aforementioned software companies (or any type of subscription model, really). Not only do I find it one sided, benefitting mostly the company and screwing its userbase by striping us from the freedom of choosing when to upgrade or not, since we are forced into paying a fee each year in order to avoid more fees (at least in the case of Pro Tools 12). But you’ll also be missing a great opportunity of taking over the industry by acquiring unhappy customers, especially those coming from Pro Tools, and becoming a bigger presence than you already are.

For this reason, I would love to hear confirmation that Yamaha/Steinberg will not be adopting a subscription model in the foreseeable future, if ever! Not only would this put me at ease, but I’m sure many others as well. There’s lots of unhappy customers over at the Avid Forums, if you haven’t been there in the past months. And now even more as of yesterday, with the release of Pro Tools 12, which offers 4 new features that are yet to be available. It is possibly the worst DAW release in history. This is the reason why I am asking this question today, which I hope you will answer. Thanks for being the great company you have been so far, despite what other people may say. We really have it good :slight_smile:


Totally agreed, Jose! Thank you for posting this thread! Please, Steinberg, NO subscription model! Just please continue to focus on releasing quality software with the current model of updates/upgrades.

I’m one of the frustrated Pro Tools HD users who is trying to figure out when I can migrate off that platform. I use Cubase, Pro Tools and other DAWs, but prefer Cubase when possible. At this point, there is no way I am sending any more money to Avid under their current management, and would be happy to just dump them out right if possible, but it’s not easy.

However, I just used Cubase 8 Pro on a sound design project that I would have normally produced in PTHD, so the migration is slowly happening for these kinds of projects. Cubase 8 Pro was fantastic all the way through, and the client was very happy with the results. However, not all projects allow me that kind of flexibility. I’m hoping to make the switch to Nuendo for most post production in the future – but not if Steinberg also goes with a subscription model!

The most recent insult that Avid heaped on PT users with the PT12 release is the shocking lack of features – not a single one of the big-ticket features announced for PT12 is actually released yet, making PT12 the most vaporware DAW launch I have ever seen, and I’ve been around for a while. I am so disappointed in Avid, I just want to make the complete jump to Steinberg, and will be watching closely what happens with Nuendo 7. But please, Steinberg, don’t make the same mistake with this whole subscription mess that Avid has gotten into, and also, please don’t ever fall into the trap of such a horrific release cycle with no substantial progress/development! The combination of subscription model and horrible release has eradicated any of the already-dwindling trust I had in Avid. Please learn from their mistakes, and keep up the excellent work with Cubase and Nuendo!

Thanks again Jose for posting this thread, it’s important that Steinberg pay attention to what’s happening with Avid right now.



I Wonder what the cakewalk and avid customers think?



why again a post regarding this ? Several entry’s can be found here at the forum already, and Steinberg wrote also an answer to this :wink: :


No, we conducted a survey a couple of months ago in which we asked if subscription might be an alternative model. The result was a clear “no.” we will respect the wishes of our customer base. There are definitely no plans or whatsoever for a subscription model.

Best regards,



Oh no … not again :unamused: … just search the forum or read here:

NO subscription planned. Period. Over and out.

Ah … Chris was faster. Solved. Close this thread. :mrgreen:

Yes but there is no time frame on that.

Does he mean for ever and ever and ever and ever???


Does he mean for ever and ever and ever and ever???

People get married to be together for ever and ever and ever… but it does not hold everytime.

Who knows what the future brings. I think it was a good choice of Steinberg to come with a clear statement to everybody. Let’s see what the future brings. Steinberg has now time to watch what this subscription model brings (the good and the bad sides).