Please! Stop automatic adding of channels to Mixer Configurations!

The first thing I do when starting a mix in Cubase, is organizing channel with Mixer Configurations, this is my usual starting scheme:

  • Masters (stems groups, FX)
  • Dums & Bass
  • Guitars
  • Keyboards
  • Synths
  • Lead Vocals
  • Backing Vocals

Then I can just recall them with key commands, very quick and clean when you are dealing with a project with a lot of channels. I love this!

Just one thing: every time I add a new track or duplicate a track in the project, this is automatically added to EVERY Mixer Configuration that I have already done, so I need to go through every Configuration, make the new channel not visible, and then update the Configuration.

I personally think this is nonsense: it would be more logic (and quick!) to just add the new track manually to the Configuration it belongs, but this should be my decision :wink:

Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank You!!!

First the workaround.

The only downside of this approach is that each time you add a channel through the keycommand, you will be taken to a Visibility configuration the command dictates. You could set it up so the last command is Visibility Configuration 1, for example, so that it always takes you there. (There is no way to remember which configuration is active at the time you create the channels. I tried with Undo Visibility but changing a Configuration doesn’t count as a Visibility change.)

And +1. It would be better if new channels where visibile ONLY under Show All Channels. If even just one configuration has been saved, they should not add themselves to it upon creation.

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Yes! Simple enough for C11.0.10?

Thank you, I will try your macro, while we all wait for Steinberg :slight_smile:

Not my macro! I just posted the link!

Opps, sorry! Thanx a lot anyway!