Please streamline Halion

With three versions of Halion (Halion, Halion-S and Halion-SE) plus all the free plugins that often do not seem to install in a standard way (recent examples: X-Stream, Taped Vibes and Navia Harp), and judging by the number of posts requesting help in installing them, is there not an urgent need to streamline and simplify all of this mess?

Add into the equation the SDA, the SAM, the SLM, the CIA and the FBI, plus sometimes having to download directly from, it is no wonder that users get confused.

A simplified program version structure and a standard, unambiguous, easy to use and understand installation procedure would be much better for the users and require much less online and telephone support.

In my view, the complications and aggravations of trying to get these things working often seem to outweigh the actual usefulness of the freebies (the single patch in Navia Harp for example).


Hi, this confusion may be because you first have to download the free instruments on the website, because a license is given there, I found out that if you do not first download the instrument on the Cubase website, but via the Steinberg Download Assistant, that it didn’t work at first because I didn’t download it from the website first.

I found this out because I had first downloaded lofti piano from the website and then installed it with the Steinberg Download Assistant, and it worked fine straight away.
Then I also downloaded the other one from the website, after which it worked.
That was in HALion Sonic 7, where X-Stream also worked immediately after installing because I had first downloaded it from the website here.

I hope this will be useful to others, because otherwise the free instrument would not be licensed.

And do not forget to check your diskspace.


Well, they already reduced it to two: free and not-free

I agree otherwise - the process is a PITA and Steinberg just got some feedback because X-Stream caused people, who had no prior experience with the Steinberg Administration Universe, to interact with that universe.
If Steinberg are (marketing) smart, they will analyze all the feedback and then optimize the process.

Hahaha, I have to laugh myself while writing this.

The joke’s actually on them. Currently they use X-Stream to popularize Halion, and it was probably quite an effort to create X-Stream. But this effort is countered by their non-effort in the “how can I install and run this stuff” department.

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I don’t understand why we, or some of us at least, seem to have to download stuff from when the ‘Steinberg Download Assistant’ was designed specifically to simplify downloads. The clue is in the name!

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Well, how that works is that you can download and install everything, even without having license, and then you get the message that you do not have the license.
Witch version you use of Halion, and if you want to write your own vstsound files, or you want to make music?

For this downloader, the sections you have license for are:

My product downloads

So when you enter your accescode, the software for your license show up in My product downloads.
So my advice is do not download and install programs in the other sections, because of the license …

You only have to download the Steinberg Download Assistant through the website. And only if it is not already installed.

What you HAVE to do on the website is click here:

I assume that button creates a license for X-Stream on your account (because even free stuff runs on a license). You cannot create a license in the SDA nor in the Activation Manager, only on the website.

The rest is just the usual Steinberg madness: Download Assistant → Activation Manager.

For people who are new to Steinberg it is kafkaesque.

And you forgot there’s also the Library Manager, so the madness can be complete.

It is kafkaesque indeed.

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My point exactly.