"Please switch to an Aero theme" on Win 7

I have switched this on AERO, but I mostly use my laptop in remode desktop mode, which disables AERO by default.
I have a lot of sequences setup for live playback this way and I modify them using remote desktop BUT Cubase will not work in remote desktop.

What are my options?


Read the relevant Knowledge Article in the Steering support. There is the minimum you have to enable on Windows to make it work.

Hi Martin,

Is it possible to get a link? I was not able to find “Steering Support” by searching the forums.

Also perhaps I didn’t make this clear enough but I NEED Cubase to work over remote desktop which disables certain overlays and graphics. This is a major dealbreaker if Cubase cannot work over remote desktop. It works fine when using both my machines without remote desktop (win 7 and Win 10)

Thank you in advance for the reply

Here we go.

It doesn’t help your issue. Martin is just pointing out that one of the stated requirements to run Cubase is having Aero enabled.
So if remote desktop disables Aero then you’re stuffed.

W8 or W10 would work fine or C8 or earlier would work fine, but C9 and W7…nope!

Yup this doesn’t solve anything. I have been running Cubase 7.5 as an alternative for the sessions that must have remote desktop control.