Please tell me cubase le 5 can run on linux!!!!!

Hi yall

i am new here, have a linux OS system and want to install cubase le 5 but please tell me that this will work on this OS…

will it? i am not sure and am desperate…


Nope, see below.

oh my


thnx :cry:

is there any trick i can do like having some virtual windows or somthing in linux or longside linux?


I’d say: Just try it. :slight_smile:

The answer is Wine (a layer to run Windows applications on Linux). The LE version of Cubase doesn’t need a dongle so there is a good chance that the software might work well with Wine. REAPER, Studio One 2 and several other DAWs just run fine in that environment. Most Windows VST plugins usually run fine as well as long as they don’t use invasive copy protection schemes (like dongles or root kits).

That is fantastic news. Thank a lot for that info. I am assuming I can just google wine and download…will check that when I get home.

Thnx again. Appreciate it.

I know nothing of using Linux, but don’t you need a legit windows copy to use wine?

Please tell me cubase le 5 can run on linux!!!

Lifes to short :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

No, it is totally self contained.

Wine just maps the function calls of a Windows application to the respective Unjx functions. This can usually be done without much overhead as Windows has borrowed a lot of concepts from Unix. Many functions can even be mapped directly (eg OpenGL or Posix calls).

They all run, but you can hit timing errors especially when using MIDI, this is a Linux problem as much as a Wine problem, audio is mostly OK though.