Please un-dock me!

Cubase 9.5, seems totally docked, except floating transport. Is this reality? Or is there are magic “undock” for each panel or all panels? I really thrive with an undocked workspace, to move things around on one or two monitors where I want them, minimizing or not, hiding or not.

Please hit me with reality. Thank you.

  1. what is this panel called, and 2) how can I hide it? Thank you.

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That’s the master meter… one of the main features for CB Pro versions. :wink:

Regardless… if you want to hide it you need to have the mixconsole “Window Zone Controls” visible. This is available in the mixconsole “Setup Toolbar” menu. One there you can hide it by clicking on the “Show/Hide” Right Zone". Or you can hide it by clicking on the adjacent “Setup Window Layout” down arrow button and “untick” it there.

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Thank you for responding, your post helped me do exactly what I asked to find. Appreciated.

At first I could not find the WindowZone Controls, but by searching in the user manual, I found a picture of it. To make it visible, I had to “show all” on the upper-right-hand corner settings toggle, and it showed up. So, now I can show/hide a few of the panels, including the right zone.

Can you answer a broader question … is this ‘docked mode’ the only choice in general for Cubase 9.5? Or is there a way to show/hide any/all panels, undock them, and move them around?

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As far as I know it it docked but, maybe someone else knows differently and will chime in here.

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My entire mixer panel is “undocked”, but I had to do something to make it so. As that was months ago, I’m sorry I can’t guide you to the magic button…

Not sure what you mean by “docked” but I can move any of my panels around as long as those panels are minimized. If the panels are maximized, they take up the whole screen and don’t move. Also, if they are minimized, their sizes can be changed by dragging the edges outward, inward or downward.

Thank you for the responses. I still can’t get “un-docked,” but some of your replies seem to indicate it can be done …

Below is what I see with CUBASE maximized full monitor … four “panels” left, right, upper, lower. While grabbing an edge allows widening to a degree, and while toggling the control in the upper right corner lets me hide/show left/right/bottom, all of the panels are “docked” in the sense I can’t make them float, allowing sizing, moving, positioning and minimizing.

I looked into all menu and settings, and did several searches in the user manual, but i can’t seem to find a way – if there is one – to float all four panels. I’m not going to throw a fit if there is no “float” option, but I don’t want to give up if there is. [what if you have two monitors and you want to drag the “bottom” panel onto the secondary monitor?]

I’m on Cubase Pro 9.5.0 64-bit on Windows 10

Not sure if the “lower zone” mixconsole can be moved to a 2nd monitor but, I know the “regular” mixconsole which opens in it’s own window can.
I never tried it but, I don’t think the sections of that mixconsole can be separated though.

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The lower zone itself cannot be moved but some of the contents can. Your mixconsole can’t be undocked from the zone because you can open it in its own window by going into “studio” and then clicking on “mixconsole”.
The editor in the lower zone can be undocked by clicking onto the arrow in the upper right corner of its window.
Generally, it seems that anything that can be opened outside the lower zone cannot be undocked “from” the lower zone.
The lower zone is just a convenience window for single monitor situations and isn’t fully page functional.