Please Update The Win 10 Compatilibility Announcement


Suggest that Steinberg updates this news announcement about Win 10 compatibility.

The words “This is why we can announce Windows 10 an officially supported operating system across the entire Steinberg product line.” are giving some customers the impression that their older version of Steinberg software is compatible. When, in fact, it may not be.

Recommend that the above noted line is deleted and just provide a link to the latest list of compatible products.

Thank you

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I’m wondering where is it stated that Steinberg’s announcement,

… across the entire Steinberg product line> "> ,

does not apply to Cubase 6.5 (which I occasionally need to fire up in my Windows 7 )?

This is the link where Steinberg clearly states/lists which products are compatible with Windows 10. My concern is that all announcements released by Steinberg on this topic should refer to this link. The link I referenced above is a perfect example of why some users are confused about which of their products are compatible.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Yuh, thanks for that. Lots of threads out there wondering about this, thanks for tieing it down.