Please use project settings by default for audio export and Render in Place

Hi everyone, one suggestion regarding the export settings and the Render in Place settings.
Please make both dialogs to get the project settings as default … is really annoying to keep the previous project settings every time. I hope this suggestion will save time for more users.
*Or Add a “CheckBox” above each settings dialog to select direct the default project settings.
Thank you in advance :))

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What do you mean with project settings?
And what do you mean with real-time offline? If it’s real time, it’s not offline.

*Corrected “Render in Place” : )
I mean that these two dialogs should also have an option to follow the project settings and not remember the last settings only. Depending on the case to remember the last settings is very useful but also we need to be able to switch to the project settings more direct. Maybe they can add a "check box option " with the project settings, so you can directly switch to them.

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What you mean with project settings? Render in places needs no project settings…

Render in place has a settings dialog, even if you run it thru the dialog or without (direct)…
Each project has its own settings (Sample Rate, Bit Depth, etc), and the export settings and the render in place settings are always remembering the last used settings for sample rate & bit depth). It could be easier if there was a direct choice of the project settings.

Cubase 12 in 08/22 still the same! No change at all.