I check this forum regularly for updates surrounding cubasis and instead all I keep seeing is negative nonsense from a lot of people. Please can you (those writing the negative stuff) do the rest of us a favour and delete the app from your ipad and stop ruining it for everyone else.

Apps take time to develop and the developers work hard to get things right, they don’t go out of their way to make ‘bad’ apps so think about how it must feel for those guys to also come on here and read this stuff after they think they have delivered something worthwhile?

I’m all for useful feedback but bad manners and behaving childishly is counter productive and doesn’t actually contribute anything useful toward making the app better.

It also seems that a lot of people nowadays seem to have no concept of the word patience.

It’s not a matter of patience at all. Nor is it a matter of letting the developers of the hook. They get paid to do a job for a big company. They are not a bunch of idealistic nerds living in the basement who put out a cool app. They’re supposed to be pros.
Steinberg deserves all the criticism it gets.
I would have agreed with you if the app was build by small company with little experience in daw making and charging a realistic price for it.
Instead we get a big company with loads of experience in daw making putting out a toy app with a premium price tag.

Remember that the criticism isn’t about bugs or the like. It’s about the lack of basic functions. People feel cheated and right they are.

Hopefully Steinberg will learn from this experience and put things right.
And hopefully they will do it before iPad 7 comes out.


I think people really need to come back to reality in the fact that this is designed to be a mobile app for and iPad yet they expect a fully functional version of Cubase 7 for 30 quid. For me, this app is all about capturing those moments of inspiration/creativity anytime, anywhere and then being able to transfer these ideas to a more powerful platform such as Cubase on an i7 PC with 16GB.

The simplicity is actually a bonus for me as I can focus more on performance and songwriting first before getting bogged down with production. A common mistake we all make is spend more time messing around with eq’s etc than we do making the actual music.

Although I do like Auria very much and have the upmost respect for their developers, I do feel that Auria is trying to compete too much with my laptop which it doesn’t stand a chance.

With the addition of Audiobus coming in the next update, thats all I need for creativity on the move.

I have some sympathy for both sides of this argument.

The expectations on price and features of the iOS community are unbelievably high and the pricing model Apple has forced developers to live with is a very strange one, payment up front for a potential life times use?! This means that when Apps are no longer generating sufficient new users they risk disappearing and we the consumer lose the continued development of Apps we love. The alternative is full payment for each version or a mountain of IAP’s!

Cubasis was released with a reasonable feature set. Audio tracks and ACP as standard and the promise of Audiobus relatively quickly after release. Few other sequencers have had this mix on their release and some have taken a long time to get there. On the other hand Cubasis was released into a more mature market and there are a few issues that have set Steinberg up to be knocked down.

I have seen those emails about getting Cubase 7 features included (though there needs to be some differentiation where the argument is that the feature would fit well with implimentation to a touch screen environment) but I think the main frustration comes form the relatively basic things that Cubasis doesn’t do. The interface looks great but the midi editing features are basic, the lack of controller automation, the relatively poor quality of the instruments and effects, the lack of a real synth or sampler, or even drum pads, were disappointments. Had this been in an App at $9.99 and pitched as a stripped back environment for improved creative work flow that might have been fine. To pitch it at premium App territory, against Auria, Beatmaker, and Meteor without key features or a clear roadmap of the features that will be developed for our initial investment, isn’t an ideal way to deal with your customers.

In addition giving it the “Cubasis” handle is going to lead to a level of expectation that may or may not be unreasonable…

I’ve barely touched my laptop over the last two years, for the same reason I moved from hardware to a desktop, then desktop to laptop, and now laptop to touch screen. The iPad fits into the shape of my life better and the time I have to make music. At this stage I don’t expect Cubase 7 but like many other I’d like a piece of software that lets me take a project from begining to end on one device and that interfaces well with all my other Apps…and I’m willing to pay for it!

Well said Skipp.