Plextor ide CD burner - sata convertor - work with WL?

I’m currently using a couple of ide plextor CD / dvd burners with WL. I’m building a new PC which doesn’t have ide sockets (on the mobo). Does anyone know if Wavelab will work with the plextors if I use an ide - sata converter? I know it can be very fussy with what drives it uses to burn and how they are connected.


No personal experince with ide to sata converter
and if this doesn’t work, why not try external usb, firewire
simply if you have the good old Plextors cd/dvd burners it’s worth it.

regards S-EH

I have had a similar issue when I upgraded my motherboard - it had no IDE solts on it so I got (several in the end) converters and had no luck with it. Although the converters I bought all said that they were Windows 7 compatible I suspect that they were not x64 bit compatible so watch out for that. In the end I had to go with an external USB caddie thing.

Another option would be a PCIe card with an IDE interface, however an external 5.25" USB IDE enclosure (if you can find one anymore!) would probably be more future-proof for legacy drives that you really want to keep. Bear in mind that current SATA drives are dirt cheap and for the most part very good … though of course, as always, opinions vary!

Thanks for the replies. Very useful info.

I think I might get a new SATA DVD burner and keep the CD burner in an enclosure.

Thanks again.