Pls, Give me "Dithering 16bit audio Opiton" in Export audio mixdown window

I was using Export QUE for exporting multiple file format.

But I realize, I cannot put wave 16bit 44.1kHz on this task,

We neeeeeed Dithering 16bit audio check box on file format preset .
(and also , we need file name option , too, like file type in file name(wav24, mp3, wav16)

That is a very good point!

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If this is mastered tracks, almost all limiters have a dither option.
the bounce dialog isn’t a master output meant like that, its just converts the file to what you want.
limiting/dithering and what not is done on the output track in the mixer.

It certainly is the way to generate master files, and I think merefox is quite right.

I am just saying that file format isn’t intended to have something to do with mastering
you can not have the same master to be 48/24 and 44.1/16 at the same time.
Best practise to get the master to be the same in all formats is to bounce a highest Khz/Bit then in another project bounce to different file formats and apply dithering as needed on different down sampling