Plug Authorization conflicts with key-commands on WL7 mac

When a plugin presents an Authorization screen, it’s nearly impossible to type in your details. For instance, since my name is Dave, the “a” key refocuses me to the Master section, and escaped the text field. I can kinda-sorta paste details into the window, but that’s tricky - for some reason there’s always an invisible space added behind the pasted text, which causes auth fail if you don’t delete it.

Maybe this could be fixed with an option to disable hot-keys when plug-in windows are open and focused?



I will try to improve this situation. But the problem is that this kind of Registration screen happens at a non-standardized time (there is no standard).

Proposed work-around: load the plugin in a different host and authorize from there? I always do this when an authorizing scheme foobars in a particular host.


Yeah, I understand the challenge of responding to unexpected challenges. :wink:

Other than the solution above, you could implement some sort of temporary “pause” control for turning hot-keys on/off entirely on the fly (maybe it already exists?). For example command-delete or command-escape might toggle key commands on/off.

Even this solution should probably be pref-enabled, and default condition disabled or off. If the app mysteriously stops responding to key commands users will freak. Probably better to make it hard to mess up, by hiding it from folks who don’t need it. Definitely a corner case, limited to a very few vendors.

On the other side of the equation, key commands for the app that work within plugs can be quite handy (eg zooms etc work even if you’re not focused)