Plug-in Collections behavior

Hiding Plug-ins only affect the default collection, not the custom collections. Cubase still shows those VSTs in my custom collections. However, the manual stated " You can hide plug-ins from all collections. This is useful if you have plug-ins installed on your computer that you do not want to use in Cubase."
Also, newly installed plug-ins don’t show up in the custom collection. I have to add them manually every time I install something new. Is there a workaround for this?

guess what… this is the principle of custom
the menus show only added plug-ins exactly like it should

if you added now hidden plug-ins to your collection before you hide them it works again as it should.
Cubase doesn’t change custom lists by itself.

If you want to hide it use the disable feature instead, it works without regard of the collection. (button in the bottom part).

re: adding plugins to collections, yea that is why I don’t use collections, doesn’t really work well for me that way.
I do this for any surround plugins, for example.

Can you confirm it works for you? what version are you using? For me, the disabled plugin is only hidden in the default collection, Unless I disable the plugin before creating the collection.