plug in content listing

I do a lot of post work and use plug ins on events/clips.Sometimes it is necessary to change the parameters of a plugin that is used on various events, spreadover the entire project. I would like to have the possibility to see on which clips a certain plug in is used and change the parameters for all these clips.

To see where a plugin is inserted and in use, go to plugin manager under peripherals menu. There you can click on the number in the “instances” column. This very column is resizable and by clicking on the top arrow it’ll sort most used plugs to lesser used one (and vice versa).

To be able to change parameters for similar plugins, you have to use links between channels.

Now, how on earth do you insert plugins on events/clips ? Didn’t you meant on tracks ? Otherwise it is an offline applied plugin.

Hello Bifop,
there is no restriction, as far as I am experienced, using plugins on events.What you describe is only track related. But as I described above I would have it event related.