Plug in folders

Sorry guys new to wave lab I want to put all my plugins in one folder ie N5.5 and wave lab can I do this and where is the best location. If I can I would like just one folder. all help appreciated TOM

Doesn’t work like that, sadly.
N5.5 has it’s own private VST2 plugin location.
So does WaveLab - and these are often tied to the apps as well.
In addition there is the public VST2 plugins folder - this s probably the best place to put them.
It’s normally in C:/Program Files/Steinberg/VSTPlgins.
WaveLab can be pointed at this.

In addition, there are also both private & public VST3 plugin locations.

as you said sady Im just a sound guy muso I use a desk Amek 2500 and the progs for edits etc and now (sady) I must learn all this Thank you for your reply I’ll investigate as I can
just tryin to make music I’m not a scientist


You could try this:

You posted something that I do not have permission to see ??? Ahhhh secrets


No I can see it now and again all thank you